PVP is a waste of time and effort

I tried on two different servers; the most-populated one, and on a server with absolutely nobody on it.

Both times I had my bases wiped within a day because I didn’t sign on for 48 hours.

It’s like every server has someone looking for me specifically just so they can ruin all of my progress. On top of that, I have to sign in at least once a week or my stuff will be wiped out anyway.

The idea of PVP would be fine if PVP servers had higher progress rates, lower cost, faster crafting time - you know, so you wouldn’t have to sink YOUR ENTIRE LIFE into something that someone else - whether it’s an alpha, a cheater, or just someone who gets super lucky to find your stuff on a day you happen to not be on - will just completely obliterate in an incredibly short time. Between trebuchets and godding, there is no such thing as a strategic base build.

This game is the equivalent of putting in massive amounts of effort into a lego construction only to have your disabled sibling run into the room and trample it, set it on fire, and blow up the entire actual house in the process.

I regret giving this company money. I will never again purchase anything from Funcom.


Remember, PVP (Raid) is abandoned mechanic. Any server that has it is really just PVE with aggressive offliners.


They’re not looking for you, specifically. They’re looking for anyone and anything they can bomb. It’s not personal but yeah, it’s kind of pointless.

If you really want to PvP your best bet is to find a good private server to join.


Even on privates, the raid mechanic is weak. Blow up stuff, minimal combat tbh. Although privates at least have rules to protect new players, like time to build etc., they tend to break the economy (or what is called an economy) by making everything 10x, meaning no real loss or gain when raiding compared to what can be farmed. Why place bombs for an hour when one can farm 200,000+ iron ore in that time?
The few and far between encounters that do happen are saturated with RP to override the weak (or maybe a better word is simplistic) raid mechanics provided by Funcom.

How is it possible to comb the entire map every single day? Them finding me would have to be such a huge coincidence that I suspect they’re just using some kind of ESP cheat.

Because the map really isn’t that big, every tricky hiding place you think you know is also known by every other person and it’s probably more one person.

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Not true… Try doing a thorough land claim sweep across the entire map… easily takes 12-18 hours. Speaking from experience. I’ve done it… twice to find undermeshers.

If you go play PvP to build beautiful castles and horde materials, I think you’re playing with the wrong mentality.

The point with private PVP servers is to make it possible to have as much action as possible.

That’s the reason for the high values on farming and xp. So you dont need to spend to much time to farm or level up.

Reason for that is, if you get wiped you dont need to spend 1 week to farm and get gear again. U maybe need a day or 2 to be able to join the fights and raiding again.

I cant see why that should be a problem. Less time for grinding = more time for the fun stuff.


I understand that, but that is the reason raid officials suck. The main part and funcom focus of Conan is Pve and farming. By having to basically remove it to just blow stuff up doesn’t attract me. The PvP is not deep enough to warrant removing 90% of the game loops.

The problem is, it is super easy to play that way on official pvp due to no raid depth and ease of farming.

As a solo player on official PVP, build small and hide.
Then start raiding smallers clans to get more ressources, thralls, …
Then raid big clans :slight_smile:

If your base is visible you will be wiped in fews days, even with multiples walls, thralls, animals, etc …

Honestly, at this point just go on an RP server with pvp. At least you won’t get raided non stop, and pvp still exists

So you think this player is being stalked across multiple servers?

Problem is officials are dead. there are rarely any other small clans. It’s Alphas and trolls at this point.

@helium3 Not at all. I’m simply saying that the Exiled Lands is actually a pretty large map. Not the largest of any game by far, but it’s not laughable.

Do what I did on my home PvP server. Form an alliance of a bunch of Solos and overthrow the alphas.

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Sounds like you need to play better and stop blaming others for your failures. I suggest watching some youtube videos on how to build low profile bases, don’t keep all your stuff in one place, make some friends to cover raid hours better.

The hardest part of pvp in conan is getting and maintaining enough horses while keeping a low profile. If you haven’t reached that problem yet you have some learning to do.

Pro tip they run around with a foundation out, Until they see land is claimed. This works no matter the height of where you are built. Best thing to do is make a bunch of vaults and live out of them. Or stash a alt account hiden and use your character to store the goods…

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That’s cheesy and dumb. I would make movement in building mode causes damage to stop that junk.