PVP is not as it should or am I wrong?


Ok, I try just for fun to reach level 60 on a PVP server after playing exclusively on a PVE server since the beginning.

I thought that when things are in a lock box, they were safe from being looted. Oh! Was I wrong, I was attacked and everything was destroyed and looted. It probably took them over 100 explosives to get in my area so it was planned from them for a while as I had a multi layered outside walls and a safe area within with the same layered walls.

The stuff is fairly easy to redo and get/harvest what I am pissed about is the killing just because they can. I had a fighter capture from a purge and at level 18 was at power 9300+. It is all gone now and I will never play such server (PVP) ever again as there is no protection or safe area even for your hard work.

So Bloodhound clan on server 3594 you can keep the server all to yourself.

On PVP servers, during the raid time window, all players’ buildings and placeables are destructible. When a container is destroyed, it drops a lootbag with all that was inside, and anyone can loot it.

If you’re looking for a server that allows combat between players without building destruction, you should play on a PVE-C (PVE Conflict) server.

If you’re looking for a server that has building destruction enabled, but some things aren’t destructible, that doesn’t exist on official servers. I don’t know if there’s a mod for that, but that’s a moot point since you’re playing on PS4.

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You can achieve that with Pippi mod, but you need to have special privileges for that.


First, I like the Stephen King reference.

Second, PVP servers are amazingly brutal and unforgiving. Many (most?) players are hardcore and extreme and blow up everyone else’s things just to do it. There is undoubtedly nothing anyone can have that is needed or wanted by raiding. It’s done just to dominate. What you’ll find more frustrating is that the 100 bombs you think they used is nothing. It is insignificant. These guys have it down to a science and farm materials for hundreds of bombs at a time. They make thousands a day. There is no respite or recourse for new or solo players.

I’m really sorry about your experience. I strongly urge you to try a ‘Private’ server where the people are less unfriendly and destruction like you experienced is far less common!


Yeah, PVP is literally toxic because their is no winner, otherthan making someone quit. Which, as a game company, i do not see the benefit for long term success in that. The economy is so broken, that currently you have players who are uber aggressive and get their kicks out of squashing new clans (to the server at least), just because they can with the resource disparity they have amassed over 7 or 8 months of dead/low pop server times. And every day the gap grows more. This is why the pvp officials are 90% dead, and everyone who wants action migrates to one or 2 servers to fight, squashing the more casuals on those servers. Until they figure out that stuff needs to decay, and not last until they shut down servers in 2025, to keep new players interested and feel like they have a reason to be on. Making bombs have 48 hour decay, armor and weapons lower durability the tier (make people repair or play the game outside of just bombing once they get their meta builds set) would drive toward some kind of balance between rewarding 8 hour a day players and giving 3 hour a dya players a reason to even play the game.


Fantastic ideas, hope you’ve put them through the Suggestions forum!

I’m curious: what would be the correct way to “win”? I agree that making someone quit is a crappy goal, so my question isn’t meant to imply you’re wrong. Rather, the idea of being a winner in a game that doesn’t stop is novel to me and I’d like to understand what it would entail.

That’s the million dollar question lol.

With most PVP based games, tehre is kill/death ratios, leader boards, etc…
With conan Exiles, i don;t believe that is the way to go.
I think the game could use a retooling on the pvp side for sure. funny thing is, i am against farmer thralls (thralls that gather your resources). But i am not against area control perks. Something along the lines of board games. Where controlling areas grants perks. Resources mainly. But having other things like temp debuffs, crafting time debuffs be tied to control stones of sorts (think small NPC camps). Building around those and “claiming” them allows for the perks to kick in. This would take making everything decay at some rate. No Cryo freezing. What you would get is more open building, because building Apex may not grant you any perks. Sure, you can still store stuff there, but the real benefit is trying to control areas so you don;t have to farm/do the minimal tasks as much. then winning is based on your clans goals. And sometimes, those goals are to move another clan off a claim spot so you can get it for the passive perks.


It would be interesting if there was a “conquer region” aspect to pvp (maybe during raid hours, you can fight to occupy a region? Just spitballing). Then you’d know who’s “winning” by land control.


i once met a guy who was heavily into PvP, killing everythin on sight, i asked him why and he said he wanted to kill everybody in real life but he can’t so he kill everyone online.
Why would you spend a lot of time creating bombs to destroy somebody’s else base? because you can.

I don’t play pvp for this reason. there is no sense for me to play like that, i would if there wasn’t offline raiding, but there is, so, PvP is prettymuch pointless for me. i like to do some sparring or dueling on PvP arenas, but other than that, i don’t like it at all, but i wish i could.

By fallout. That means enable the gods.

What is the difference between destroying bases by bombs or by gods? I only play official pvp. I have played pve and pve-c.

@darthphysicist: great idea. Spitball moad activated.

How about … we need to recruit a Purge Thrall, one from each occupation, and place them into a new Construction called a Wonder.*

Once built, it has a dome of protection that can make the surrounding area invulnerable to ranged attacks. There can be only one Wonder per server at a time.

* Totally ripped off from Age of Empires.

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Better yet, a Blunder. Same as you describe but it causes building decay at an accelerated rate in the grid square. 1 foundation every hour will be destroyed… would help us clean up littered servers too…

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