PvP issues and a humble player ideas

Well if you done any testing you would know you still light attack combo people to death with both who cant manage their stamina or run horrible builds. Both weapons are more of a utility pick. Gada you can literally 1shot people with sprint attack bug. Im just saying 5 to 6 hits to kill vs 1 is a hell of a difference.

Also there are multiple ways to counter Lodestone/Whale. People are just not with the meta or too stupid to figure them out.

Also no need to worry about it any more. It was stealth nerfed heavily this patch. All stamina draining weapons were gutted HARD.

Uh, ok and w t h does gada have to do with anything, considering it was never part of the discussion nor once referenced by me. But stealh nerfs… not cool. Oh well, what do we really expect at this point. :pensive:

Hyper armor was taken away from axe and single hand sword and you see less of them in competitive PvP. That’s a fact.

Just saying people are stupid without explaining why just makes you look a big silly.

Humble PVP player?

Sorry couldn’t resist. You can flag this post now.

You tend to speak the trend.
No problem!

Whats up with that ? Being proactive instead of feeling the need to troll or put down people on a dead platform ?

Do you but don’t be annoyed and jealous because some people want to actually help and at least try.