Pvp level cap staggering on saga

I don’t see why 18 is the initial level cap. why not 19?

At 18 we are allotted 9 feat points. At 19 we are allotted 10.


Only reason I can see is you can leave Tortage and they are trying to restrict that so you can’t level to 80 day 1.

Just disable the ability to leave Tortage until the next week. I also don’t know why 1st level cap isn’t 19.

Only reason I can see is you can leave Tortage and they are trying to restrict that so you can’t level to 80 day 1

That isn’t the reason. They are setting the level caps in tiers that will change on certain dates so even when you leave tortage you’ll still have a level cap determined by the server. I just think 18 is a bit odd when things like minigames are in tiers of 10-19 or 20-39 etc. In my view 19 should be the initial starting cap.

Smart ones they dont only wanne keep ppl at same level but also on same place for bloodshed. Otherwise some hide from the cage …

Can’t you leave tortage at 18 though? I forget it’s been awhile.

Just disable all the Tortage smugglers in game.

Why this is an issue, if everybody gonna have same cap. I’m just afraid that at so low cap, was it 18 or 19, gonna get boring quite fast cuz of simplistic gameplay. 1 week is too much for that imo.

And u can leave tortage even at 16 via smuggler or 18 via destiny quest, if my memory serves me well.

the concern is feat points, just seems a bit strange to cap out at 18 instead of 19.

Idea being you can’t leave tortage via quest until 19 but smuggler exists, so unless that’s removed it’s pointless.

Should be 19 and just disable final destiny quest and smuggler until it’s time to go to lvl 30.

It’s 18 because you can complete your destiny quest at 19 and leave Tortage. There’s no way to disable a particular step of a quest on a per server basis. The NPCs could be universally despawned, but then you wouldn’t be able to do earlier portions of the destiny quest either.

The smuggler will be disabled. There will be no escaping Tortage for the first week. :slight_smile:


I see, thanks for clarifying.

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yeah it’s the worst bracket by far, so it is a concern… if that 1st week will be a bad experience for the majority, might turn some people away.

anyways they will have the quest, so it might not be that boring, and some people wanna farm some gear too, which isn’t done in an instant.

you also have to remember if they set it only 3 days, if you missed a day, you might not be able to finish the questline demanding so and so many kills (or something else like minis) before everyone else went on to the next bracket, and then you’re stuck without anyone left at your bracket.

What about forming guilds before lvl 20? Or are we on our own for Tortage?

also need to be able to build battlekeeps without having to farm guildcity!

the 24 man siege fix was all for nothing unless they make sieges available to Saga, which means remove all costs to make t1,t2,t3 keeps and battlekeeps! should just be available be default if possible.



Where can i find this information?!

Just wish they would release the darn Saga of Blood notes. I mean how long does it take to type something up? Or maybe they are still trying to do fixes with things we’ve been asking and they hadn’t thought about or considered.

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They probably haven’t finalized the notes for the server yet.

Looking forward to the 69 bracket! :slight_smile: