PvP - lite server suggestion with raid protection


I enjoy the game on a PvE-C server currently, but would like the thrill of the full PvP experience without so much time/risk investment and my suggestion is aimed to explore this as a possibility.

Flagging system

My suggestion would be to enable base assault through a flagging system.

If you would like to assault a base, which would happen during the normal PvP raid hours each day, you need to declare your intentions when your opponent is online. The defender will be notified, much like when a purge is incoming, and will have 10 minutes to prepare their defensives should this happen during normal PvP hours. If you declared earlier then the raid window will default to the start of PvP hours that day with the defender duly notified to prepare.

The base will be open to assault until the close of that day, (11:59) following which the player who was assaulted will be granted invulnerability until the end of that week or if they declare against another opponent (excluding their aggressors). The aggressor’s own base will conversely be open to assault until the end of that week. This process will be reset each week. The aim is to try to create an environment whereby it is still possible to PvP daily if you want, but if you prefer to be a crafter, defender, PvP lite player or just take a break from time to time, you can still subsist on a PvP server, with all the excitement these servers generate.

Each player or clan would be able to craft a flag (7 day cool down) which they plant in their main base to gain the above benefit. All smaller outposts etc would be vulnerable at the usual times.

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