PvP: New Player Safe timer?

How about a period where a new player to a server can’t have their buildings destroyed either until they hit 60 or a certain amount of time passes? Maybe 2-3 days? Gives people a chance to get a foothold when trying a new server and stops toxic people from just mercilessly running them off with no chance whatsoever of getting started.

Another even easier way the dev team can do it with no coding required is to just implement a day or two a week on official PvP servers where there’s no raiding allowed. Would give new players a window to get started and would give people who get wiped a reprieve from no-lifers. Could help bridge the gap between those who have had it all for years and those who just want a chance to play the damn game. The goal here is to stop people from getting too frustrated and just finding another game to play.

Could also change PvP-C to have raid hours on weekends only.

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