Pvp official servers waste of time?

I think Spieleabend’s complaint is that some people have been playing on different servers for a few months at a time, but now Funcom says that we have to remember the past two years of server numbers and go leave the old clans. Personally, I cannot remember the numbers of the past 6 servers I have played on, and those clans probably kept me in the clan to increase their thrall cap. Without being given some kind of information about the ban, I would have no way of ever correcting the problem.

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Thanks, i didnt know you couldnt use clan names here thanks for the heads up. I do want to mention in general what people have done in the past should not be brought up. There are many people who refuse to admit they have used one or another exploit the game has accidentally allowed in the past.

We should look at what players or clans have been doing since the release of the new rules. I believe the devs. Would agree that anything that happened before the rules is irrelevant and the rules are a last warning going forward not backwards.

This is simply laziness and sloppiness from the team in charge of this game. While i appreciate all the content they have made for this game bugs they have fixed etc. When it comes to the most important feature the game has the online gaming experience of the game they have failed. Why would someone choose to continue to play the game if they were banned for having joined a clan 6 months ago on a different server that is breaking the rules without you knowing. 2 ways this is going to go forward. 1. They will realize there methods arent working so they will stop banning people and cheaters will get away with it. Or 2. They will ban innocent people who will choose to stop playing there game. Good luck funcom.

Man if I had a dollar every time I heard this, I could buy out Tencent by now.

If you work hard enough you might make it happen one day Jimbo :wink:

I myself wouldn’t go so far as to call it laziness. Of course Funcom will take the easiest path that will work, we just have to help them find an acceptable path.

The reason behind banning the entire clan is to allow the rule-breaking structures to decay with minimal staff oversight; I can understand that. But Funcom made parts of this game VERY grindy, and deleting months or years of a player’s work is a pretty big deal.

What system would you be happy with Funcom using to delete rule-breaking structures, while requiring as little staff time as possible?

I think decaying something via ban is wrong. My issue is the system of building is not transparent. When do we know we went too far. I mean could choose to build a city which they encouraged in the latest update. For all they know the excessive land claims could have been foundations to build a city one requires time to farm and build. A game without built in limits is a recipe for disaster and unfair bans and unhappy players. If they cannot monitor or be clear or enforce their rules in a timeley manner have the system itsself do it for them. Either give us tools to remove excess or purge certain areas during outside of pvp time.


the Rules are clear in this case

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