PvP opinion about 3.0

Before everyone jumps me I want say that this is my opinion about the changes of 3.0 to the PVP after playing almost 2500 hours.

Raiding methods :
Lighting storm seems to be way to go now. Compare to bombs and gods the difference in farming and efficiency/results is astronomical. It takes me 20minutes to farm the materials to summon 15 storms and raid a base + the storms ignores the mesh and can hit benches and fry players inside buildings and game structures. I can also fly on top of the the base and skip 100% of all defences implemented in the last 5years of the game. A friend of mine had a base for 1+ year which was still standing after countless bombs and gods and it was raided in 20minutes with the lighting storm from a naked guy…Only 10% of the foundations were destroyed but almost all benches and chest inside were gone.

Player vs Player combat :
I honestly love the new attributes but fighting now its very weird. We were fighting and we had a big group of zombies chasing us which not only was very funny but stupid as well. Before you could dodge a thrall’s attack with a roll or by playing around him but it was still punishable enough if you didn’t manage to dodge him. Now someone can bring multiple pets and it makes it nearly impossible to fight or dodge in a 5v5 Scenario which makes the horse the way to go again…(people will say it was nerfed but people have to understand that if they can’t kill you eventually you will kill them)


100% unbalanced

I’ve been In a good amount of group fights since 3.0 and I can honestly say horses are not the way to go. 1-2 hits your off your horse and 2-3 hits your horse is dead. Same goes for thralls if you bring leveled thralls out you better be prepared to loose them fast. Other than that the actual pvp is pretty fun. The last stand perk seems a bit crazy/necessary especially in group fights

My problem with the game is that the quality of the fight is very poor. I believe they have taken too much power away from the player. I believe its a joke that you go fight 5v5 and everyone has 3 zombies on follow. Its impossible to dodge them all and to actually fight with a player

@darkxray I haven’t encountered to many zombies in group fights. If the enemy brings thralls we focus them down very fast. It’s gg if we fight near someone’s base instinct crash

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