PVP optional on servers?

Greetings All,
Why don’t the make all server PVP optional Like in SWG you went overt when you attacked the
other side and covert when you just wanted to play PVE.
Just fuel for thought.
I will say the Crafting in here is almost as good if not even as SWG was.
Had four accounts going.
Also how about have mines in on 1 or 2 per account.
Thank You

I loved SWG, but I despised the pvp optional feature. It was a pain dealing with people that could not understand why I don’t pvp.

I like it how it is, pvp on pvp servers, and pve on pve servers. Plain and simple.

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PvP in this game is more akin to anarchy. It’s supposed to depict the sort of atmosphere than ancient humans would have lived in, where the threat of being killed by strangers, or those outside of your clan, was very real.

It’s a stylistic choice to keep PvP as savage as it is in this game.

You either experience the true dangers of the exiled lands and the tension, drama and action with it
You play on the pve servers and have Joe block half the NPC camps in the map and spew politics on the chat

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Don’t group all of PVE Admins players like that.
My server you play as you like.

Indeed. On our PVE server you play however you want, there is no destroying peoples’ buildings or talking about politics.


Amen Acticus.
Is your purge working?
If so is it a Gameserver?
Thank You:smiley:

We have had a couple of purges kick off. We typically have about 2-3 people on at one time, and our purge settings are set to jump off even if one is on.

We’re on g-portal.us

Is your server working?
Mine gets invalid message.
same with my old server I played on.

Its working now