PvP perks mod in developement

So i am looking at redoing the perks for pvp combat. I will be posting a list of the perks and get a scoring system from the forum users. I am tagging three pvpers to spread the word and get feed back. @SirDaveWolf @erjoh @Barnes . I will need as much input to see if we can make the perks part of true build outs and have less of a main meta.


Well I have already stated what I want changed somewhere on the forums, but here again:

  • Quickfooted now only affects speed and no more reduces stamina costs
  • Double jump (2nd jump) takes twice the amount of stamina of the regular jump
  • Last Stand damage reduction reduced to 50%
  • Glutton for Punishment does not receive the benefits of the Fast Healer perk anymore
  • Blood-Mad Berserker now does not grant stagger/knockdown immunity anymore
  • Grit now provides 4 points of stamina instead of 3
  • Ranged weapons are no longer affected by rolling thrust

Step 1 is done. I can assign the perks as i need. And it is not restricted to 10 or 20.

Next step is see if i can add old perks (if necessary) and look into the attribute per tick.

Mod is released. Very basic for now, but it is called PvP Perks. No BP editing. But i feel the direction is more “class” based by swapping around some of the perks. Goomba Stomp should be extremely hard if not eliminated. The final experience perknis a choice of double jump or beast of burden.

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