PvP playerbase is dead

According to the voices saying that Conan is dead which I agree with I made a quick pool among Conan Exiles Reddit community to see if that’s right or just a hearsay.


Looks like Conan Exiles is now a Medival City Builder with some extra steps.

Here I ask admins, are you really taking care about PvP playerbase or is that just a phrase to swing the problem away.


I don’t remember that community poll, but am wondering whether it included the private servers out there?

Yes, it was open pool among reddit community

While it’s commendable to do your own research I wouldn’t portray or just simply accept that conclusion as fact. For example; would many PvPer’s even bother to take part in a poll?
Also reddit does tend to lean towards the more creative types, I’ve observed (though again, that’s not a fact, just a personal observation)

What I mean is, using this poll as justification to announce that PvP is dead , still might be presumptive.

Interesting result nonetheless…


Well, only a small fraction answered the poll. Granted, how many of us use Reddit. I certainly do not. Granted, I would be listed PC PvE but if Steam has an average 10k+ players on daily. (note: this is not all at the same time) and only 500 probably voted (PC votes), this is not really a reflection of the population in number but percentage.

18% PC PvP Player (so estimate 1,800 players)
82% PC PvE Player (estimate 8,200 players)

Assuming only 10K players for PC. Which is probably understating the number by a large amount. Since, I only play twice a week at most for example. Not everyone plays daily. Hard to tell the true player base for the game that is active in the last 30 days without Funcom’s or Steam assistance. They only give who is playing at a moment of time. (For example: My ESO guild has 101 active members in ESO the past 30 days, but hardly see more than 12 online anytime I log in, usually 6-10. Granted only play 15 minutes most days, and 1 to 2 hours on Tues and Sat to run guild events.)

No idea on plus or minus factor for the polling result, since I am not a statistician, so only going based on pure percentage.

For PS and Xbox - PvP is roughly 25% based on the poll.

Either case, PvP typically in MMORPGs tends to be a small segment of the population so would make sense it would hold true with Conan Exiles as well. 18-25% although is fairly large though.


And, the Pareto 80/20 rule lives again… “roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of causes”. That 18% and 82% are close enough to consider it.

PvP is unpopular in Conan.
If Funcom cares, they will fix that.

The most important aspect about full loot PvP is: How fast can you come back to take revenge


Well said. If you arent deeply entrenched and have hoards of gear, lose 1 fight and now you are grinding a week to get back tona competitive build out for pvp. Not fun.


I’m havin some trouble with the numbers. How likely is it that the exact number of respondents would answer for XB and PS? How likely is it that XB and PS are within 1 percentage point (25 vs 24) of each other?

Any PS player knows PvP is still very well represented in Conan. Can’t speak for XB, but my friends in streaming say it is still quite viable.

25 percent is low, but sounds consistent.

As for 18 percent in PC players? As a vet, that appears high, but my own research recently has shown the consolidation seems to have raised the numbers playing on PvP Official servers.


Those numbers agree with the reddit poll. Around 20% of PC is PVP while the rest is some version of PVE. This give validity to the reddit poll and so what was interesting is that consoles are near identical and sit at the 30% mark. PVP is more popular with the consoles than the PC and this is curious.

Perhaps it’s because the consoles are harder to gain a hack advantage and therefore there is a 10% boost in PVP because of that…i don’t know but it’s interesting.


a small article in French (sorry) but I think the basic study is available in English.

personally I don’t think it’s specific to conan, but it seems to me (from my point of view) that there is a revival for cooperative modes, and I’m not going to complain, myself having stopped competitive for many negative reasons.
Sincerely if it consolidates, I think that would be a good thing.
Maybe the players are a little tired of the drifts and the hyper aggressive and toxic environment of the competitive mode


Interesting stats.

The one that got my attention the most is that males don’t significantly care if it’s coop play or competitive play with strangers while it matters to females and female favor coop with strangers than competitive.

The rest of the data makes complete sense. People enjoy playing with friends over strangers and when playing with friends they would rather coop vs compete with eachother.

For those who don’t speak French, the article talks about a 2016 study by Quantic Foundry:


personally, I would add that the chill-out fashion, which precisely corresponds to a need for many people faced in our conformist and competitive society, is beginning to influence the world of video games.
When you come out of a hard day’s work, relaxation is key and the coop mode can bring that


On officials, PVP/PVE-C makes up just under half of their total playerbase. The reason why PVE is a little more than half is because Conan Exiles attracts quite a bit of non-PVPers for the building aspect. Let’s be honest, CE has a great building system, rivaled only by Vaheim (which only has one type of stone and wood available).

You cannot compared game types to see if one is falling behind. If the game is growing by 10% in a timeframe, and they all go to the servers in equal measure, then all types grow by that 10%. Just because a PVE player starts playing CE, doesn’t mean that a PVP player leaves for the same reason the PVE player started playing. The only way you can tell if a certain game type is dying is to compare their numbers on a day to day basis over a period of a month or so and note any trends.

I could do this, but to be honest, I don’t really have any incentive to. But if any of you want to. Pick a time (I recommend peak time for CE, which I believe is in around 2-3 hours from writing this), login every day at that time, filter by official, filter by game type. Then sort by population and start counting (it doesn’t take terribly long, around 5 minutes). Do that for a month and then pick a program to load those numbers into and plot the trend. Then you’ll have your answer.

I can say this about unofficial PVP servers. They have grown or maintained. Every wipe cycle they have been through in the last few months has seen growth in the form of their queues. That’s right, a few 70/70 and 80/80 servers still see queues. This is a bit anecdotal though. But if PVP was dying on those servers, they shouldn’t be seeing queue. So that evidence shows they are not dying, if not showing how much they are actually growing, or maintaining. But when you’ve got playerbases that large for singular servers, growth isn’t as important as maintaining anyway.

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Personally, I can’t think of a successful game that has PvP and PvE that PvP is the dominant player base since Dark Age of Camelot and even there the PvE player base was fairly large.

18 to 25% of a player base that PvPs is a huge in the typical MMORPG genre.

Obviously exclude games that is pretty much PvP only.

Maybe Warhammer Online was the other exception (mainly due to the PvE was so lacking).



I never played Rust, but from my limited understanding, it’s a PvP oriented game.

Based on the statistics, 99% of the Rust servers are PvP. Only a mere 1% is PvE. And even with those servers, there is very few PvE players. That does not sound like a game for PvE players.

It may have PvE aspects to the game, but sounds it was more tailored for PvP game play based on those crazy numbers / percentages.

As shown below… PvE players is almost non-existent. (3 months statistics)

So I would discount Rust since they only have 1 type of player base to keep happy.

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So you discount Rust as a PvE+PvP game where the dominant player base is PvP because it has a dominant player base that plays PvP?


Co-Op has been on the come back for sometime. Covid may have pushed that some…

As for the “POLL” inless your pulling data from Funcom Server and not a forum.

Your never gonna get real numbers. Pretty sure Funcom noted that Ps4 had larger player base. But Poll suggest its not.

PVP has abit of a … issue right now, Its not dead… It just being PVP like ever other game.
Nerf this, nerf that, what new meta? NERF IT!
over and over again.

Plus Reporting base issue… XD