PvP playerbase is dead

Wait, Rust has a PvE mode?
This one thought that was a joke.


Also, I have to admit that, as there have been many similar surveys over the years since day 1, those of us that have played since then kinda don’t bother re-re-responding - I certainly don’t. I’m still playing, as are other mates of mine. But hopefully the stats are useful to someone out there. :slight_smile: I’d be more interested in game hours spent playing the game. Am heading towards the 8k mark.

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I am still a proponent of 24/7 Raid for all its glories and protections – but only if the AI is tougher and there’s more building resistance to raids.

The simplest middle road to that would be the application of DBD, as proposed by @biggcane55. It would afford (scalar) protection for the offline variety, so that PvP might return from its horrible status as (barely) PvB.


So idea of what’ve seen for Rust… has me curious. But lack of Tags for “Single Player” has made me never jump on it, even when it was 5$ on sale. >_>

Few games on Steam I see, and go… this looks GREAT!.
OH…PVP or stuck as male player… No thanks. XD

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It’s tough to enjoy PVP on Conan because all any roleplay clan has to do is platoon Zendesk tickets with “Landclaim?” and the admins will just wipe whoever. The poor content creators on Twitch and YouTube can hardly finish a run before their intended target gets deleted by devs. And so the slackers and weaklings and ruleslawyers keep the servers nice and low pop so they stroke their egos pretending their king of some invisible and desolate hill. PVP servers are now a game of ticket-wording, because the proper incantation of vague and opaque rules violations can sunder even the most well-built of bases. The only way it makes sense is if Funcom is trying to strangle their own game in order to push us into their upcoming Dune Survival MMO.


That makes sense? Destroy the game that has been a huge success for Funcom and alienate the player base you expect to carry along? Yeah only THAT makes sense. Not that players are their own worst enemies… not that at all.


It would make sense to a developer, not to a player. From a dev standpoint, how much is Conan making vs. costing? Recent server mergers suggest costs are high. On top of that, I’m sure they’re deluded enough to think that Dune will be as successful if not more successful than Conan. So why not shut down a game that is barely or not at all profitable anymore in the hopes the players enjoy that style of gameplay enough to hop to the new title?

Given it saved the company from bankruptcy and has allowed them to work on their “biggest update ever” which we know is still coming since they brought it up three weeks ago, I’d say they’re making enough.

Given the success of the movie propelling the franchise back into relevancy, not an unreasonable assumption.

Last I checked, companies are capable of working on more than one game at a time. Will we eventually see the end of Conan Exiles as more of the team moves to newer projects? Probably. Will that be any time soon? Absolutely not, it makes no sense they’d be hyping up this big future update if they have no plans to keep working on it.

Just have patience. A slowdown in updates doesn’t always mean the end, it means they could be taking longer to make it bigger.

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personally I doubt, for some popular licenses, can be and I think understandable, that doesn’t mean I endorse!.
Some commercial strategists don’t have limits, but Funcom has recently acquired a licence from Conan, and it’s a very complex licence to manage, so I don’t think they have the flexibility and the backstop to use such a hard strategy. but well, that’s just my point of view now, today… pfff how to say … jocker
Now I think that given the launch of dune, for me, it makes more sense to free up space to be able to allocate the resources necessary for the new game while responding to a request from players to increase the server population

without forgetting the recent attempt to improve consumer service via zendesk, the attempts to correct the game, for me they have demonstrated their ability to listen and pay attention and are rarely congratulated for this. but I can understand some frustration. I think they are doing their best like many in an environment that has become extremely simplified and complex at the same time

No, it wouldn’t. Not to a developer, nor to a game studio, nor to a publisher, nor to anyone whose fashion tastes don’t include tinfoil headwear.

And you know what they did about that? They merged the servers.

Good question, one you really should have asked yourself before coming up with that conspiracy theory. Why not just shut it down? Why would they have to go through some weird charade of “strangling their own game” instead of just shutting it down?


All of that would be simpler and cheaper to just stop development and close the servers entirely. They aren’t doing either. It makes zero sense to spend money on something you dont want to do.


This is Funcom, guys

Care to elaborate? Theyre a business. Any business tries to make as much money as they can. They dont spend money to spite their customers. Thats idiotic.


This forum is an endless source of comedy.


It would be nice to hear a word from @Funcom_Community

It’s an aged game but still quite valid in the PVE world (the two servers I’m in are easily 10-20 active in the peak times. In the PVP world, yes it has slowed in the EL server I’m in (but I was in a slow server to begin with and they merged me to another slow server) but the Siptah PVP server I’m in are easily 20-30 players during peak times.

I wouldn’t call that dead. The investments of the ToS, server migrations, updates, and aquiring the Conan license is pointing directly to a continued support.

As a business, each game needs to be viewed with the merits of profitability in mind. They should be self contained with some shared aspects (like maybe server space, and dev time) so games can be reviewed and see where it succeeds and where it fails and what actions can be done. I don’t believe FC is a type of company that just drops a game just due to a dip in margin. Tencent may but that is probably too granular for them since they have a much different view (not games but game companies).

So I don’t see this going away for a while unless there are huge cuts in the company and/or Dune requires more resources in the launch due to uncounted on success.

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Of course it does, that’s why we can get 13 different DLCs where only one is not pure cosmetics.

Neitherway providing changes that would cause PvP playerbase growth would provide an income too, right? The thing is new people get lost in PvP in this game so nobody recommends you this game in PvP aspect and most of oldschool PvP players have left.


But that’s not FC’s issue but PVP crowd that uses and abuses eachother. I can’t get 5 full-time PVP players to agree with what PVP should be in a game like FC because each person carries a bit of PVE element with them.

In all reality, PVP should just be changed to a week long game that resets each week that has a clear winner at the end. This idea that you can continue indefinitely only caters to a large 10 person clan at first and then 1-3 players riding the original wave of success and crushing anyone that dares to build on your server just isn’t working well and probably shouldn’t be. PVP needs to be a defined amount of time and force everything to reset afterwards.
There should be another PVE element with DBD on and 90 hour decay timers for those that still want the more open thrill of base to base conflict but by putting it as a PVE, the intent is clear that you can destroy but you don’t have to.

But that’s just me and my take. I don’t see PVP going any where or even changing that drastically. There are some very popular servers on but I see another culling of PVP servers since people want the action and avoid the low population servers where small isolated folks like to PVE with all risks of PVP but the risks are mitigated with huge build-ups and exreme reactions to new folks on the server.


Nah, totaly wrong.

  1. PvP is all about bullying worthly enemy. There is always a winner and a loser in every game.
  2. You give some different ideas to fix the “I got wiped so I leave” issue that could be some game modes, but all of them can be actually set up right now by admins on private servers. And there were servers like this, wiped every week. They did not last for long, cuz you get bored.

DBD is not any good solution. It just does not work well for the matter at all.
Instead of that I would like to see some system based on war decalaration which allows on 2 clans to fight each other in PvB at raid time instead. Raid without declaration would make you vulnerable to everyone instead. Also if you disagree to a fight twice your enemy can raid you freely for the third time.

The matter is that people got bored of big changes in PvP meta, changes making it more and more casual instead skillful and just concerned about bug abusing.

  • First of all server search system is a joke. Outdated, bugged and gives you no critical informations. Most of the servers are shown up as 0 days old with 0/XX players all the time

  • PVP Server community types are meaningless. It should be based on the amount of raidtimes during the week: like RT 1 time a week - chill, 2 times - casual, 3 - medium, 4- hard, 5 or more - hardcore

  • You can not look for a good server unless you know its name

  • Horse PvP is still unbalanced. Heavy armor infrantry gets oneshooted.

  • Animation cancelling got removed so wood choping is smoother than using a pike.

  • Thrall AI gets more stupid with every path.

  • Thrall meta is totaly stupid. There is only one thrall worth to collect and use. Yes Teimos it’s you.

  • Placebles are pain in the ass to put down, especially grandmaster workbenches. This is sick. You could have been playing solo with a small hidden base before but now it’s impossible due to high costs of production on improved workbenches compared to way too big grandmaster workbenches which are hard to place in tight area.

  • Actually poor raid mechanics

  • Lack of balance among weapons.

  • Lack of balance and totaly useless types of thralls which mean nothing (archer/warrior)

  • Meaningless mechanics included in the game that got nerfed of out of meta - most of cooking is useless RP stuff, Tortured King loot, black lotus…

  • Special weaponds that got nerfed to ground like Dragonbone weapons, Telith swords, lemurian tridents…

  • Many armors that are kinda hard to get are totaly RP stuff, useless in gameplay - Pride of Aesir and Khari armors for example

And there are more reasons for PvP players like me myself leave the game. Also most of the oldschool players think of FC as RP concerned team that does not really know the PvP ingame balance.

Actually I should make a new topic out of this post so maybe some dev will read and care

How so? The large workbenches only shave off an additional 25% costing than their improved versions and typically the improved versions go complete faster. You can still do an 2X2x2 EZYB square base and maintain complete fuction and remain hidden regardless of map.

Now I agree with most of your concerns but IMHO, that is too much in the weeds. Over the years, they fix one only to get a new meta. I say blow the whole thing up because I’m just tired of keeping up with what is meta or not anymore. Redesign the whole dang system is the only way at this point to provide meaningful change and keep the weeds mostly stable for those that don’t PVP.
The only thing I disagree with is the scoffing at things that aren’t useful in PVP. I love those tidbits. I had a better sense of accomplishment in learning all 10 cooking recipes than I did winning a clan war. I think there is still a place for those PVE elements but I do agree that they are a distraction if you are fighting which PVP is supposed to be about…which is why I say redo it and make it a BR style but make matches a much longer event which is still pretty unique and you can get ranking etc on the server using metrics like damage done to foundations, loot gained, Player kills, NPC kills, amount of foundations remaining, average rank of the battle, etc.