Pvp respawning bases

I think we need a certain X amount of blocks/walls that can be designated for weekly respawn. Maybe 1 unbreakable chest.

PVP community Seems rather low because people are afraid of losing their bases and all of there stuff. I think a system of respawning blocks/walls would fix this to some extent.

Also on my PVP server I’ve watched multiple guilds/people act very deplorable chat while ganging up to “drive someone off the server” by drive them off the server I mean blow up all there stuff so they quite. This I believe leads to low PVP player population.
—“Also being a bully isn’t any fun if you can only tear up there stuff once.”
— “Also whats the point of being a thorn in someones side if you can simply be pulled out and discarded.”
I don’t think ganging up on someone in game should be rewarded with them being completely left out in the rain. then we just lose population.

Also whats the point of generating avatars, trebs and other siege equipment if we have nothing to use it on?
What incentive do we have to make new siege weapons in up coming expansions if no one is playing on pvp? We need castles to destroy. as it currently stands it takes a long time to build a castle. Not to mention most “invested” players are hogging all the good land for big challenging almost siege proof fortresses.

—So to remedy this I think we need a system that lets us record X amount of walls or blocks that will regenerate each week with server restart.
—If a player wants more than the default amount of X blocks and walls to regenerate, then something needs to be researched like maybe spend and expensive amount of points on a Feat tied to respawning bases. Which would increase how much you can build that will regenerate.
—I wouldn’t allow this to be used on Chests and containers of materials, after all what is the point of raiding something if it doesn’t have any spoils of war. Maybe 1 unbreakable chest???
—I would definitely allow decorations to be appart of a respawning base that way we can keep the players who are artists in the PVP community. Plus isn’t more fun to destroy art than just bare walls? (if things went the way Im envisioning, don’t worry it will be back by sunday)

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