PVP role play clans

Hey guys how’s it going. New on the forum but been playing Conan for a while now. Obviously there’s an abundance of servers out there but none seem to be very well structured, none I’ve been in anyway. I’m wondering if there are any well organised role play clans who play pvp? I’m keen to join something or start something where all the members of the clan align ie same architecture etc with kinda back stories and the like. I like the idea of having a little (well laid out) town that you have to defend. I’m interested in how the trebuchets work against other players or even if they do? If anyones interested or knows of anything like this please let me know. Alternatively if anyones up for getting on with me at some point thats cool also. I’m a 40 year old male from the uk so preferably no youngsters. Cheers :slight_smile:

Hey there! Shoot me a message on psn or discord (you may need to friend request first) but the group I run with has exactly what you’re looking for!

Psn: cthulhuthecat
Discord: chickenmama#4405

I know the post is from a while ago. But I think I got what you are looking for. Realm of Belvan actually has 2 servers, one for each map. The roleplay systems are very structured and seem to align with your needs. Come check us out. https://discord.gg/vmDKcCpvrA