Pvp seems highly imbalanced... solutions/suggestions/maybe I am wrong?

So pvp is highly imbalanced at the moment… at this time everyone thats 60 has worked there way to it and thats great…

However people just joining servers are at severe disadvantages… I am seeing level 16’s being just killed and there bases totaled there not even given a chance to establish themselves…

The problems I am seeing are as follows… any advice or suggestions here would be appreciated

1- Leveling is slow… alot of people didnt like the locations giving as much XP as they did… but I

felt that was a great way to level… you explored and became highly familiar with controls by the

time you were finished doing locations… I feel they dont give enough xp

2- Lack of ways to get XP… so you do have Locations and Journey’s but even some of the

journeys cant be done until your high level…and with that being said being a low level its hard

enough farming materials but when you have a server trying to raid you and kill you its almost

impossible… there should be more ways to get XP then there currently is… Crafting t3 gives

good xp but not enough… and again requires alot of farming and its the same for vaults it

requires alot of farming and in a pvp enviroment where your the odd man out and trying to gather

thats almost impossible

Share your thoughts and suggestions maybe I am missing something

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The solution is to segregate players by level. Many ways to do that potentially. Not sure it is a good idea, but…

This is a Terrible idea and has also been addressed but Funcom already they have said many times now

They will not be resetting servers.

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This weekend being double XP will help this for new players. So they are giving a chance for new players to level fast. As for new players being at a disadvantage there is no real way to fix this even if the leveling was removed new players will still be at a disadvantage for having to farm mats. It is kinda the nature of the game

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They won’t do this as it would upset far too many players. Also returning everyone to level one is as bad as a reset because levels determine what you can build.

So think of this you are a player who only plays 5-6 hrs a week and you have been building a base with a friend or just yourself you have farmed all the mats and have been slowly piecing it together as you can. Suddenly you cannot finish building this because your level reset meaning you need to hit level 40 again just to make the walls you wanted to build.

This is one basic example why this doesn’t work and will massively hurt player base. Also most people who have “worked” their way to level 60 don’t want to be forced to do that again. It would be like world of Warcraft drops a new expansion and resets everyone’s level. You would see a mass game abandonment. That’s why the smartest approach is speed up the leveling as it benefits new players only

I realise this is largely anecdotal, but…

This is always a problem in open world PVP games, unless a mechanic is put in place to prevent it, which in itself is often a contentious move. In my experience, a significant percentage of PVP advocates have no real interest in a fair fight or a decent challenge and simply want to be able to assert their e-dominance over low level players.

This is largely why I only tend to PVP in games where players are either matched by ability / gear / level brackets, or are on equal footing anyway.

Frustrating as it may be, if you choose to play PVP in this game, I think you will probably just have to accept that you’re going to get ganked for a while until you manage to level up. I can’t see an effective solution that wouldn’t be open for abuse or spoil the freedom of the game.


One fix or adjustment to the exploring experience could be to scale it for your level. As your levels increase POIs become less valuable for experience meaning you need to find other activities to keep leveling up. As a new player your limited to what you can do beyond explore kill and waste time on sandstone builds.

Thats what I like about this kind of sandbox games, if you play stealthy, you can avoid being killed in most situations.

Back in EA I got killed sometimes, but because I didnt run too, now after release, im sitting in lvl48 without rushing, just building and some farming, I always spot other players first, hiding and spying on them, haven’t got killed once.

well without any ranged combat to speak of…yeah gonna be 1 king, if they add proper range effects and proper damage/debuffs they might have a change

The answer:

  1. Run away. They have no way of catching you unless you’re over encumbered.
  2. If your going to play PvP be sneaky. I only play PvP , change servers a lot, and I just build bases where people won’t look. There are an insane amount of places to put down your roots.

Level 60’s hunting lower players isn’t a problem. If you go build a giant sandstone fortress on a major walkway, or visible from miles away, you should get wrecked. Just play sneaky, bide your time, and build trebuchets.

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