PVP Server: 1200 Undermesh

I was attacked again with undermesh … why do the gods activate if there is no need to use them? undermesh is stronger than gods or bombs

2 times undermesh plz ban!
if the game continue like this put the game free lol

undermesh players: Stra}{] FuncomID: Xyk#76153 Clã: 11111
Char Name: Agura FuncomID: Nijo#36121 Clã: 11111

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i have no gates broken and they kill 20 thralls full gear in 10min

Its impossible, FUNCOM, do something, what ? undermeshers ! its not possible! if funcom do not something, i want my money back !

All officials pc servers with population have many meshers (who leave in texture and behind green walls) they probably never fix it without complete rework of world map

so you say i can use external programs and use undermesh i cant get banned? because its not my problem until funcom fix it

You can take video and screens of undermesh base and send it to Hugo and Ignasis, but the time it will be processed cheaters have plenty of time to wipe server 3 times before going to 1 other server.

It’s been reported on 1974 several times over the last two months. Fun com won’t act. Has ruined the game.

I already spoke to him (ignasis) I am waiting for an answer…I am always attacked with undermesh
I’m already tired. they said that whoever attacked me had an undermesh base but how am I going to print it? tired of this game


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