PVP Server 4000 missing!

Game mode: [Online | Multiplayer]
Problem: [Misc]
Region: [America]

Server 4000 on Conan exiles is no where to be found. Me and some friends were playing on official server 4000 over the past few days and it’s no longer there.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Search for server 4000

Is this a permanent thing or will the server be back, and will everything still be there because we had a lot of tier two walls.

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Hi there,

I can confirm that Server #4000 is not an offical Funcom server. You will have to contact the administrator of that server to check the status.

When me and my friends were looking for a server to play on we made sure to pick official on the server filter. It also had the same long server name after the number on the list. So can people rent official servers?

Sorry for the confusion. No, it is impossible for players to rent an official server. Our servers do not currently go above #3999. Official Server #4000 does not exist.

why are you guys not responding to the other missing server topics? 3132 has been off for 4 hours now. i took friday off so i could pull a all nighter. ive been starring at the list for hours now. can i het a status uodate?

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please. i need to know if i can go to bed or of i should wait. we are dying to play


Server #3132 is currently down. We are working to bring it back online as soon as we can.

Thanks. can you tell me if its a matter of hours or dont you know about that?

Why don’t you people let gamers know things like this …to much effort?


I unfortunately do not have a time frame at this moment. Sorry that I do not have anymore information.

yeah ok, no problem. thanks anyway:)

Server 3824 is down!!!

So then how did I play on a server that doesn’t exist for 3 straight days. OML I’m so confused.

Also I have two other friends that would be more than happy to back me up. Is there a way to check if at any point like a week after release what servers you had up because we spent 3 days on that server and i’m Confused how it just doesn’t exist anymore?.

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