PvP Server 4322 - lost all items (thrills, armour, resources, weapons)

Hi all,
I signed in this afternoon to play on server 4322 to continue where I left off yesterday and all my armour, thralls, weapons and resources are gone. Only my buildings remain. Everything is inside my walls. Any suggestions on what happened?

Check event log, then reply back what it said that happened to it.

From what I can go back to, it says:

  • Loot bag owned by me has decayed - too many to count (all at the same time) 19:08:26
  • Archer killed by Acerations (goodest of bois)
  • I was killed my Acerations (goodest of bois)
  • Acerations (goodest of bois) Stoke random items
  • Server shutdown, started, shutdown, stated between 1:37:14 and 5:11:51 this morning.
  • All my benches and torches has changed decay state to abandoned. Will decay at…
  • Shooga (Ghost Legion) stole 3 thralls, a reinforced animal pen and over 10000 items from 6:30:13 to 6:39:04 which seems impossible
  • Some of my benches were changed from decay state to normal at 16:49:14 today.

It seems really suspicious. My walls are all intact.
All my thralls are gone but only a handful appear on the event log.