PVP server is forgotten, abandoned, with no priority


PVP server is forgotten, abandoned, with no priority.

1 - in 50% of the official servers the alphas are hidden in flying bases (just search on youtubem there are several ways to do it) or in undermeshing, they make several fake bases to disguise.

2 - They say they will take the bubble that one of the few good defenses, for what? so that the server becomes more and more empty because it doesn’t make the raid more difficult since most raids are disproportionate (3 x 1) and thus keep the server with population

3 - Rollback was good for PVE, but for PVP it didn’t need it, most in PVP don’t have a purge minion, and also those who are at war enter every day and didn’t lose the minions, but those who are resurgent are pretty screwed leveling sorcery, or raiding, or someone else lost the loot and now you won’t be able to raid etc…

Pvp is very abandoned, full of bug glitchers, alphas that are impossible to find because they are either outside the green wall, or underground or in the sky. When will there be severe punishment and supervision on official pvp servers?

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