Pvp Server with Night shift Base Raids - New Server

Adrenaline Gaming Presents

Officially Opened May 8th!

Night Shift Pvp! - Not everyone lives 9 to 5!

  • - Battle-eye Enabled
  • - 24/7 Pvp enabled - Base Raid/Destruction timer 11pm-5am EST
  • - No mods - Vanilla
  • - No add ons
  • - Brand New Server
  • - Freshly starting community
  • - Happy to take individuals and clans alike
  • - 1x resources, experience, etc.
  • - Same Rules as any Official Server
  • - Discord channel with a large community that plays multiple different games!
  • Discord: https://discord.gg/KS9nMvc
    Game Server: Adrenaline-gaming.net PvP Night-Time Official Rules

    Server will shut down tonight at 2am for release update and wipe. Server will re-open between 7am-10am after updates have been applied. ^^

    Server is up and running!

    Yess!!! Finally a server that I can attack bases at night. Played last night seems to run quite smooth.

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    I was on last night too. Good ping. I was even able to build a small sandstone base. Just a temp one though to get me to 20 or so.

    The Adrenaline Gaming server seems to be a good nighttime server to at least get started without being griefed right out of the gate - unlike the official server I tried where there were about 30 people in the noob area and the first thing in my chat was someone giving up for the night because two other players were camping his door. Plus I later went back to that same official server and can’t even log in, lol.

    Seems that with the official servers in the state they are in this is definitely the way to go.

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    Been on this server the last couple nights. Runs really smooth. Gets very active after midnight. Nice seeing a server that works for 2nd shifters.

    I’m glad to hear everyone is having a good time! :smiley:

    The more the merrier! We still definitely have plenty of space for more people and clans!

    Awesome! A night time PvP server with official rules. I always work late, and now I don’t have to miss the raid times

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    As crazy as this sounds there is a unicorn on the server. There is an actual girl gamer actually playing. Come check it out. I didn’t believe it till I seen it.

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    I hate you so much, Zilf. :joy::laughing:

    I try my best lol

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    Server population seems to be growing everyday. :sunglasses: But we still have plenty of room for more!

    Clans and individuals alike happily accepted!

    The server is in desperate need of other players. Higher level players typically won’t mess with players levels 20 and lower unless they run across them randomly or the player lingers too near to their base.

    very very nice. cant wait