Pvp servers 3596 not being able to enter due to ping limit

yesterday when we found out about the transfer we started to organize the server migration but when I logged in today it is showing up and it is not possible to enter because the ping is above 140 and it is not fair for us to not be able to migrate our items if there is still 1 month left date stipulated by ■■■■■■

Several servers are like this
I’m going through the same problem

@Mayra several servers are like this
how are we going to transfer our loot?

Same with 3785. Ping showed 166 and wouldn’t let me in. Ping on other servers were 211 and 197 and got in both.


Thank you for reaching out to us.

We will ask our team to check those servers.

We heard back from our team and the issue should be solved by now.

Can you give it a try and let us know if you are able to access the server?

Thanks in advance.

The official ps4 3744 server
are in the same situation
By the way, there are several servers with this problem.
I can’t even get in
This 3744 server will be deleted
I need to get my loot to transfer, but I can’t log in because of the ping


Can you confirm you tried to access these servers today, after the last message we sent?

We await your reply.

The 3744 still has the same problem
I just took the test
I could not get in

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Thanks for getting back to us. We’ll continue to investigate what might be the issue along with G-Portal.

We will also update this thread once we know more.

@Mayra Im having same problem but on PVE server 4513 LATAM. I play with Brazilian friends and since im the one who plays on the latam servers i always had higher ping but was never server blocked for it. I can login fine to the Isle of siptah server but im now ping locked from the exiled lands server.

Hello @Mayra , 3749 are with the same problem, can fix please?


We found the issue with the servers’ settings, and the ping limiter should no longer be active.
Please try again and let us know if you encounter further issues connecting.

Thank you, for your support and patience while our team worked on this matter.

Hello @Mayra, i and my friends can’t play in our server ‘‘3749’’. It will be deleted and we cant get our lot, this situation is so bad, we need help of funcom and fast; The ping limit is 140, but my ping is 160 and i cant acess, all servers that will be deleted are with this problem, fix this pls.

I have been playing on this server for over two years without any connection problems but trying to log in today to render my bases and do some grinding, I keep getting the message informing me my ping is too high to play on the server. I was able to join several other servers with higher pings without issue.

If I cannot log in to render within another two days I am going to lose years worth of progress.

Our official server #3597 just got a ping limit setting overnight and its locked us out for a few days already and we’ve been on the server for over 2 years already, please help to resolve this as our hours of grinding will be lost


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