Pvp side of CE is just getting worse

I just want to give a few suggestions to funcom, because the way there going with there game at the moment really is not gonna do it any good

  1. The new benches and different types of thrall armorers is way to much, so instead of fixing the game you decide to put in way to complicated crafting system? I really liked the way it was before and I would hate to see it go, because in pvp time is everything and now that there’s all these random benches and armorys that take up loads of space, its gonna be near impossible to make a decent hidden base anymore

  2. Now the fish traps requiring bait I don’t mind its just that decay timer on fish in the trap? Its really really REALLY annoying, like I said previously time is everything in pvp so I cant be sitting there babysitting traps

  3. Thank you for reverting thrall durability loss changes

  4. Also I think 1 handed axes in general need a buff, like just give them a little armor pen and they will be alright.

  5. Now being very serious, you guys need to stop working on new huge updates and stuff and just fix your game please, because like new maps are cool and all but it doesn’t change the fact that I’m still being ob camped and loosing all my stuff, thrall not teleporting and getting stuck in walls, red mother falling through the ground, loot bags glitching out and hiding some items, like there is a lot of problems so please, and I am saying this on the behalf of most of the conan community, please fix your game and im damn well willing to spend even more money on it


You think the PvE side is any better. Nope.

I concur, time is everything, and FUncom is wasting everyone’s time.

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I agree that the decay timer on fish needs to be lengthened. It is such a pain right now. You basically have to stand by the trap to make sure you don’t lose anything. How dumb.

Fishing makes me feel like I’m playing a farming simulator and not a survival game.

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Yes, and the length of the 1h axe (the hitbox) is a little too short at times. It misses.

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