PVP Thralls and Who to Kidnap

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Give him “Grilled Steak” while leveling for a higher chance in vitality upgrade :slight_smile:

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Teimos, Berserker,Lian all good thralls.
RHTS too, very easy to acquire but when you level them focus on Agility above all else. They’re not very strong, they have decent hp but they can get very high agility which is basically extra armor. Very good damage soakers.

Dalinsia my personal fav. Basically a berserker with more hp but smaller breasts on average.

Lianeele……fully leveled she is a beast but leveling her is quite difficult.

I like Teimos mostly as archers. They don’t disappoint. Occasionally you’ll get a rare Teimos with insane amount of hp and decent strength, definitely dress them out for fighters.

Level a few big cats too and throw em in the mix, their knock down and bleed is helpful against raiding players.

All the volcano fighter thralls are useable as well, keep them with their spears but level them like berserkers(strength and 2handed sword) , takes too long to level them with a spear.

There’s also quite a few good purge fighters worth knocking out.

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These days any female I convert must look similar to my wife due to awkward conversations about my Derketo shrine’s menagerie.


You too, eh? My wife gives me funny looks when I name my dancers things like “Sasha Grey” or “Bella Delphine” for poops and giggles

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I bow to your wisdom.

I foolishly named my nude harem dancers after exes.


You are a brave soul lol



Nope. I’m stupid as mud and willing to admit it.

I’m the genius who got her playing the game in the first place without thinking about my shrine of awesomeness and the likelihood of her stumbling upon it.


If you want a fighter thrall for PvP and you are on exiled lands: Beastmaster Teimos. No other thrall can compete with him in HP and his damage can turn out decent aswell. Also you can level him to 20 in like 20min.
If you are on siptah: transfer teimos in from exiled lands. Or you could use any of the accursed named, especially accursed ulric. But they are worse than teimos and they level way slower (they take about 4x as long as a teimos).
Overall: Teimos is the best thrall you can have

Teimos is really good because he got good stats and are easy to level.

RHTS often get kinda meh stats, but if you get lucky they are the best.

Dalinsia, Berserkers, Volcano thralls, Lian and Janos are also all really good.

Of all those it doesn’t really matter, even if they get bad perks, unless we’re talking thrall vs thrall in PVP.

Someone had mentioned that “no boss in the game” can beat a Berserker. I just want to correct that statement. The Arena Champion will destroy most any thrall in the game with exception to the rare ones who luckily got good perks and stats. But I’ve even lost a Really good Teimos to the AC

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Yeah, AC is ridiculous. I feel like she should drop better stuff considering how much grief she causes me and my thralls when we walk in the room.

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I have one Teimos got health over 13K. I did not incite him to the Arena Champion, but I am sure that with a poisonous axe from the Esoteric Library, this Teimos would cut her into a ham))

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Entonces la recomendación sería teimos?

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