PvP / trhall / balance

Conan receive a Lot att but one thing never change trall in PvP. Tralls killing with 2 hits in lvl 0 . PvP is PLAYER VS PLAYER , best player Win in this case Win player with thrall hit First . No have chance for balanced And Fun fight . Trhall need bem nerfed for cool and balanced PvP . Is tragic die receive one or two hits using heavy armor and 40 Vit . Ridiculous


I think the Thrall strength is good because it allows smaller clans to even out with higher clans. Grinding for good gear for your thrall gives smaller clans better protection from larger plans. And with the vitality 3 nerf, having a strong thrall to tank a boss is a near necessity.

Won’t the larger clans have the same thralls, only more of them, making it a zero-sum difference?

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