PVP vs PVE Conflict of choice!

I will not write any other superfluous words, but go straight to the question. I’m still wondering why the collection of resources is different on these servers? I understand that the PVP can destroy the base and it will have to be rebuilt again, it takes more strength and resources to build, you can not talk about it. I love this game and spend a lot of time in it. And why? But because I play on PVE and play alone without partners, I like it better. And most of my time is spent collecting resources. Resources are always lacking! I have played other similar games like this and I will tell you that there are no differences in the collection of resources (PVP or PVE)! When there is inequality in the game it affects me and it makes me sad about it. The game should be the same for everyone! Make a bonus on PVE too, for example, by increasing the time of the dilapidation of buildings or increase the strength of tools, at least something! And then unfairly like that!
Thanks to everyone who read and sorry for bad english! =) I hope that I will find support here and the developers will also read it.

All PVE in this game is bad, cause the the BUG AI, stand up on a rock and kill them all :slight_smile: they so stupid. Spiders who are the most agile creatures on the planet cannot negotiate a rock :smiley: they got stuck and watch you kill them slowly, you as a human are faster then all creatures in this game, you are a super man :)), evrey thing that involves AI is bad and dos not worth your time.
PVE is for minecraft fans just build ( and building is bug as well )
Over all game FPS and performance are relay bad since 22.12.2018 update. (we have a base in on pvp server when we are over 20 online you get huge delay :slight_smile: you open a door now and game will open it after 10 seconds

You aren’t supposed to be rolling in resources, it’s a survival game. This is especially true. Besides, as you level through and play the game, resources do indeed start to pile up. I’m not the first person to go “man I never have enough leather” to two weeks later throwing it away because I have thousands stock piled.

I’m not even sure how that makes any sense. Why would lower levels have more resources? Not to mention it’s a sandbox game, you can go anywhere at any level. Really all you managed to post was you’re impatient and salty that someone cleared your favorite mining spot so you had to wait a half hour.

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So find a new source of iron, everything you just said is, at its core, part of a survival game. You’re supposed to have to work to advance, or what’s the point.

Bottom line is, players who are able will lock down areas with the most resources. And players who are able will travel to harvest where resources are available. Why as a higher level would I have any issue harvesting anything any where on the map. You have no claim to it.

Because around the time when you start needing iron in earnest, you’re supposed to either move further north, or if you insist on staying in the starter area, you’ll have to make the trek - your choice

End gamers have a wealth of resources because of tool upgrades and attribute perks. Again you have access to the entire map from level 1.

Again, placed in a world you have full access to from level 1. If you choose to locate yourself in a place with scarce resources, that is your decision.if you chose to stay in a place close to the starting area, which inherently is more populated and thus has greater competition for resources, that is again your decision. You can reasonably survive anywhere below the frozen river from day one, anywhere that isn’t the mounds of the dead.

I spent every level past 10 somewhere outside New Asgarth and I was not some seasoned survival player, I just didn’t blame everyone else for my lack of resources

You don’t really have a point. You think lower levels should have an easier time getting resources than higher levels, and that is not how any survival game ever created works.

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