[PVP] Was body vaulting intended for long safe storage of items?

It’s also not accurate to say this except maybe only in your area or something. PVP still have the largest number of players per server and number of active servers.

You missed the official servers part. The numbers of PvP offical server players are much lower than before. Maybe it is a time thing, but there are much higher pve numbers on officals than pvp ones.

No, I didn’t miss it…

And no one knows what they were “before”, including you - whenever “before” is supposed to be. But currently just like I said, PVP is the largest: Most players per server and most number of active servers (active meaning any with more than 5 or 6 players on).

The only thing that changes with this is the location. At different times the USA will fill the top 50-100 slots, right now at this time of day it’s the EU, and at other times it will be Asia or whatever.

Even here on the forums this is the case:

And I am saying that you are leaving 9ff the timer until it dissapears.

it is not. The body is et to dissapear at 7 days because if not bodies would hurt client side at noob spawn point. A bunch 9f naked homeless bodies everywhere in spawn points.

The solution is “simple”. 9nly naked bodies dissapear after 7 days. See, I can 7nderstand the rule and suggest a best case scenario. This way, disconnected can’t lose on accident, and body vaulters can be looted, and pve after 7bdays can be looted.

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I’m sorry, but what is the time for these servers? I did say it might be the time, but of course you didn’t read that part as it didn’t work for your argument here.

I like the idea about the only naked bodies disappear as long as everything else on them despawns also (the naked ones). The only issue would be the ninja factor of someone reappearing a year later in your base when they weren’t there when you built it.

By naked, I mean no anything.

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Cool deal. Sorry I wasn’t sure.

the 9nly issue is people loading naked up with leather, they could lag server by not letting any bodies dissapear. :confused:

They could always make the character die after 2 weeks of the player not logging on them ?

It sounds like you just want to find bodies full of loot instead of raiding a base or farming it yourself.

good luck finding a floating body 200 wall height into the sky bud.


Remove the behavior where bodies are no longer rendered after seven days and every server will look like this times a million.

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Empty bodies are not vaulting anything.

One exploit at a time hold your horses.

Also can I ask where you’re getting these “server rules” from? I see server settings but not rules.

Sounds like you’re lying to fit your own narrative. Pretty weird if you ask me.


Symantics. Server settings are the “rules” that the server follows.

100% this. An exploit is abusing game mechanics that got broken during a patch and/or are not “working as intended”. Players’ bodies disappearing from the world after several days (4-7) is an intended feature, and is working as intended. As helium stated, it keeps bodies from piling up, but it also prevents the inventories of hundreds of inactive characters from having to be loaded into server memory–saving an untold amount of system RAM. If Funcom really wanted to remove body vaults, they would simply have players die after being away from the game for 7 days. However, I believe they haven’t done this yet for two reasons: a) body-vaulting is the storage in the game safe from decay and removing it makes the game even more tedious. Essentially it’s the only storage that allows players any semblance of retained progress (beyond feats and level.) b) body-vaulting is actually a high-risk strategy… laying unprotected out in the world for anyone to come grab your loot is NOT risk-free. And there’s a huge cost associated with that risk. Therefore, body cleanup is a MUST. The game can’t function without it; Body vaulting doesn’t really unbalance the game substantially; So why bother to change it? c) Body-vaulting requires alternate accounts. Alternate accounts are good for sales.

That is your personal opinion and not a stated design goal by the development team. A game with no reprieve from risk gets tedious quickly. If Conan fully embraced this mentality, no-one would ever build moderate to large T3 bases and everyone would be perpetually in the stone age. Some players enjoy this. Others not so much. That being said, as I mentioned above Body-Vaulting is not without risk. In fact, there are several substantial risks involved with Body-Vaulting.

Nope. Straight from the developers in more than one stream.

And by the way:

This was all opinion.

Lol, wrong again. The server settings are very clear. Unless the developers themselves come in and say otherwise all we have is the server settings on officials to go by. Period . Nice try though.

At this point though I figure the thread is going no where by opinionville of save my stuff even if I break the spirit of pvp on this particular game. I figure the thread has indeed as said earlier run its course and the one who matter have read everything and will make their decision. Officials player pvp levels will be the judge ultimately.


Bitter clan members can hold onto important loot, which will disappear unless you’re the kind of Clan Leader to climb up their aqueducts.

I have never had a clan mate log out after a raid with 400 dragon powder on them. Ever.

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