Q u e e r Kingdoms & Tribes (PC server; PvP and PvE areas, optional RP; region control)

The Q u e e r Kingdoms & Tribes server on Conan Exiles (PC) is a world for the LGBTQAI+ community to enjoy for the long-haul! QKT is a q u e e r space, so if you’re only a “tolerant” straight person and not 100% an ally, this isn’t the place for you. The QKT server has optional role-playing, fair PvP raiding rules, and less rules overall compared to similar servers. Finally, we want members to be a part of and contribute to their own societies! Cities, capitals, kingdoms, empires, tribes, you name it. Take control over the custom regions outlined in our #regions-map and establish laws of your land (if you can enforce them!).

Please join our Discord to request whitelisting before attempting to join the server from the in-game list.