QoL addition: Thrall Pot/Feed Box networks

I’d love to see our thrall pots and feed boxes being able to form a network. By a network, I mean them being able to share all the food items between them if they within range, so we can have one central Thrall Pot and Feed Box in our base that would automatically split its contents between every networked container.


New Thrall Type: Delivery man
Function: Deliver take-aways to hungry soldiers

New Thrall Type: Lunch mom
Function: Cook rationed food at lunchtime automatically


Loved the idea!, but “lunch parent” maybe? In our house I cook :wink:.
I would also love the idea of Thralls being able to walk or patrol from point A to point B :smiley_cat: .

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I know, I know… is just that it would be awesome :smile_cat:.

Also cuts crust of the bread

i transeferd from a pvp server to pvc. Because work contraints…the server is a mess of rediculus bases. Some take 2 full grids. Many mutiple bases in every biome.
Ima start reporting them

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