QoL request to address core issues

Between AoS chapters 2 and 3 you gave us a QoL update that addressed so many of the fundamental game issues. This made a huge difference to both the stability and graphical experience and was a welcomed update. However, after Chapter 3 and AoW Chapter 1 these and more issues have returned. Is another QoL update a possibility, please?

The PS5 is suffering with numerous graphical problems that are frustrating old players and likely turning off new ones. The new chapters are not addressing old issues and are simply just adding new ones. The coffers have been a welcome addition and I’m enjoying hunting for treasure, but the game is already struggling. Adding more loot to our base is making it worse.

  1. Skins. Every surface in game struggles to render in. Details come and go as you turn around. Thrall armor, especially Voidforge Dragon turns black and can take up to three seconds to render in.

  2. Carrying treasure through the portals crashes every fifth time I try, causing the loot to glitch.

  3. Purge crashes. Every purge we get, only one player can be on at a time as other clan members crash. My Cimmerian purge last night was a joke. All surfaces disappeared and we fought on a grey floor with zero detail.

  4. Invisible creatures. They are EVERYWHERE. Bosses, pets, wildlife…

  5. Frequent crashes. On the hour every session. My PS5 error logs only have one game in there. Conan. Day after day after day.

  6. I’m running my PS5 in performance mode, which is utterly absurd, especially given that it kills the game visually and still doesn’t fix everything.

I love this game, but you have to address these issues. They are dragging the quality of the game down and you will struggle to expand your market.


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