QoL Suggestion: Crafting

When crafting an item, here’s what typically happens:

  1. Select the item.
  2. The item menu will show what resources are needed to produce the item and how many.

But commonly, one or more will be ‘gray’ (darker) meaning you don’t have that item or enough of that item. For example, to craft a storage box, one needs wood and twine. But let’s say you forgot you needed twine. You have plant fiber, but not twine (yet).

So, here’s my suggestion: Make it so that if you click on the gray (dark) icon and its something like twine that you craft, it changes the select item instead of having to look through the crafting options all over again to find the twine icon.

A simple change in crafting selection would help improve the quality of life for many players.


Not a bad idea at all. Definitely makes it easier.

I can go for that!:thinking: But xbox version would be challenging with no mouse.

You’re right - we have such UI behavior when learning feats, why not to make the same thing for crafting?

What behavior are you speaking of? Is it only on PC? I’ve never noticed anything similar in learning feats.

Yes, if we have no prerequisites for any feat here on PC we can click on missing feat’s icon and go to it automatically. Why didn’t they do the same for crafting I don’t understand.

This please!

And what would be even better is if we can get a specialty thrall for auto-crafting certain recipes, maybe recipes you have to craft before hand.

Could be pretty bold but a new table like “WorkShop Manager Desk” that accepts this new thrall-type and accepts the crafted recipes, which acts as I/O for all nearby stations and storage containers.

T1 thralls can craft recipes with 1-steps,
T2 thrall can craft recipes with 2-steps,

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Probably because many of the items you need are not hand crafted and/or are not crafted in the same station as the recipe you want to do.
Example: alchemical base - is used in improved armor smith workshops to make layered silk etc but made in the fire bowl cauldron.
Even something as simple as twine can either be handcrafted OR made in an work station.

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Definitely want to give this idea some support. It’s something I’ve wished for when making armour too.

I’d even be happy with just a modded table similar to the “feeding” boxes, but inverted so you can take things out of other nearby stations.

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