Quality Conan - Revived PvP - No gods - No Horse PvP - Discord

Hello! Quality Conan is a “revived” version from a recently shut down server. Wanting the server still up me and my brother opened our own server with a similar name hoping we can fire up the server again!

We are communicating with one of the old admins who not only wished us luck but offered to help in the background!

Our goal is to create a toxic-free server in Conan Exiles! We all know how survival games are naturally toxic. We will do our best to preserve your experience on this server!

Currently the ones playing on the server are players from the old Quality Conan server. We want new players to the server and new player to the game to join us and have fun!

-No horse pvp

-No gods

-Raid protection system


-Admins who LISTENS to players

-Rules will change if the players want them to change

-XP x3, Harvest x2

-Low level protection zone for new players

-Actively punishing griefers

-Public maprooms at ALL obelisks

Weekdays: 20:00 - 21:00 CEST
Weekends: 19:00 - 22:00 CEST

Got any questions? Just ask!
Hope to see you online! :slight_smile:

Discord link: discord.gg/DU2JbzB
Server IP:

Name of the server: [EU]Real Quality Conan x3[FreshWipe]-NoHorsePvP-No Gods