Quality of Life Changes (because this hasn't already been done to death)

I’m bored waiting for a raid, write some changes you want that won’t take them 900 years to implement.

  • Remove mastery and prowess points, make everything filter into giving Expertise points.
  • Open up the rune shop already (not t5), I literally cant even throw my money at you. (Funcom)
  • A unicorn mount, just because.
  • You still need to nerf the crit dmg VoM gives to like…50%.
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  • More Unchained Dung (all leveling dung + ressource dung (Frost swap …Ect)
  • Why not Villa on 6man ?
  • Add a Quest (like those for Unchained) but for Kithai dung (with for ex, some shards reward or token, or same boxes idc, just to give a little reward)
  • Make pvp “week” during 2 weeks instead of one
  • Up the drop rate of recipe in Onyx -_-
  • Debug caravan raider boss !
  • Add 2v2 or 3v3 in Field pvp arena
  • Up gem drop rate in Kutch / SG (may after wave 25 or 30)
  • Revamp t2 > T7 wings by wings, couldn’t take 900 years :smiley:
  • Why not some mount, another scorp, hippopotamus (can drop in Oasis of Zaara on Hipo boss), crocodile (may drop on croco boss in Imirian Rav ?) i’m sur lot’s of thing like dat could be nice Or Mount on Low droprate when you success a Master-Time (still want an Octopus mount for Yag MT) ?
  • Can made same for pet

Hmm That’s all for now, may i’ll add other thing later :smiley:

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waits expecting someone to say the game needs to be ported to another engine !
I don’t know why some people want that, i think it’s fine as it is, i’d rather see content added

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I’m guessing they think it will magically perform and look like a modern AAA title using all their fancy new hardware - without costing a fortune and requiring thousands of hours of work.

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Add new loyalty rewards, last one is for 1080 days, we have now reached like 2050 days. And it is part of the membership, soooooo actually not adding new ones is kind of fraud. Even if they changed the “new ones will be added every 180 days” to “will be added over time” when they realized they could not even put a goodie in the game every 180 days. “Over time” does not translate to ~1000 days, or if you use another source 1330 days for me.
Update outdated and missing information on the official website. You can tell not one fc guy took a look at every single page since like 2015.


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