Quality of life improvements

So as I’ve been playing i’ve noticed certain aspects that I feel should be addressed 1) sandstorm should affect everything not just the player of it effects us it should effect the npc humanoid and beast alike, 2) besides creatures with the appropriate sense I shouldn’t be spotted but in this case a black hand thrall unless I’m right on top of him or in close enough to be spotted by using a torch at night if I can’t see they can’t see. 3) stealth needs to be a thing from increased damage on a sneak attack to not being seen coming up on a npc in the dark. 4) trees are big there’s no way I’m only harvesting 4-10 pieces of bark off a tree that number should be greater or at the very least another way to farm for bark. Via by putting wood into the carpenter’s bench to maybe an actual tool. All things that should be addressed sooner rather than later.