Quality of Life suggestions

Hello, I’m a long time player but I’m new to the forums.

With the advent of Isle of Siptah, which I haven’t played much but is looking nice, I wanted to voice some thoughts I’ve been having for some time: Small changes that, with all the metamorphoses that the game is undergoing at the current moment (With the implementation of the expansion and all) could be a good moment to test. I also think they would be quite easy to add and useful for everyone.

  1. On the building menus. I believe it would not only feel better, but also look much nicer, if you could sort the building options by category. For example, when interacting with an armor crafting bench, you would see a couple of collapsable categories in the right-handed menu: “Armor lining”, “Light armors”, “Armorsmithing”, “Materials”. Same with the handcrafting menu, where the adding of the flotsam constructions as a new base category can make it hard to find things. What about “Building: Basic”, “Building: Flotsam”, “Building: Argos”, “Crafting Stations”, “Stone weapons”, etc?

  2. Regarding the hand crafting menu, I’ve always believe it wouldn’t be so hard to navigate if you would include a crafting station, learnable when you first pick basic building as a feat, that costed next to nothing (Like 10 wood, 10 stone?) and that would allow you to craft building blocks, taking them out of the cramp that is now the base crafting menu.

  3. To help with crafting, I’ve always thought characters should have an “aura”, much like it happens in Terraria and similar games, where if you have chests within a certain range that contain materials that you are allowed to use, they temporarily count as if they were in your inventory (or your craft station’s) for the purpose of building.

  4. Finally, regarding building and hotbars, I think it would be an absolute life saver if you implemented several hotbars and a key to switch between them, as you wouldn’t have to dismantle all of your current build to add building blocks (or thrall capturing, hunting/gathering tools, etc) everytime you need to switch your equipment.

Let me say again how great this game is and how even without these things it’s really worth playing. I’m sorry if there’s anything wrong in this message, as I’m new here and trying to learn the ropes. Have a great day and I hope this is helpful.

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