Queen scorpion will not spawn

Online private

The queen scorpion will not spawn on our server. We just walk up and access the stele, to no effect, since the queen is required for mats.


  • No mods
  • No apparent land claim, the king is there and we have mined silver and it respawns.
  • Multiple server resets between tries.
  • All the minor scorpions are present, even where the queen should be. Killed and respawned.
  • The issue has been reported previously on a private server, see below.
  • The queen spawns in solo on my machine.

The OP of the link below has yet to respond to my DM asking him if his ever spawned.

Any thoughts, guys?



Previous report:

Check for foundations above that possibly despawned her

Thanks, Ranson. I did as extensive a search as I could, since I am not admin. I can say that the two small scorps that stay behind the queen are there and respawn after I kill them. Shouldn’t they vanish, being so close, if it were a landclaim issue?

When I look on singleplayer, they are within 2-3 foundations of the queen.

It’s not a big issue for me and I probably will never use the poison, just bewildered.



Hey @Jim1

Thanks for letting us know. We’ll send it to our team to see if they can look in corners and under the bed in case it’s hiding after so much slaughter.

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I was on a server that was quite peaceful after the last population patch and an ally of ours asked us to remove some landclaim that was blocking nemedian helm boss. We narrowed it down to 1 foundation

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Been there, done that, never got a t-shirt :man_shrugging:, but thanks. I did get the server owner to ghost straight up while spinning to look for any foundations, but we were tired and he did not take much time doing it (3:00 AM). The area is craggy and while I climbed all over it, could have easily missed a malicious foundation.

Were I in the prioritization meeting with the devs, I would, appropriately, suggest it be placed a bit further down than the last item.

It’s a matter of curiosity to me, since the two baby scorps were still there and did respawn. As I understand it, the landclaim has a radius, but is not constrained vertically.

I do have one more test in the hopper; ghost straight up in solo, grab the coords directly above the queen but above the map, flip over to online, toggledebughud, try to place a thrall on guard at the same spot. That would definitively prove landclaim and by determining the radius, perhaps locate the foundation(s).

Again, prioritization. It’s on my list?

Regards and thanks



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