Quest acompañante valioso BUG

Quest Tigres Temarios No puedo hacer la quest de matar ala madre tigresa por que nunca aparece esta bug Ayuda…!

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If I understand, your bug is: even if I removed all items by power slots (as required in the quest where u acquire the tiger cub), the mother den tiger doesn’t show.
Even a friend of mine experimented recently the same bug. I suspect the cause was something related the very last patch.

My suspect is:

  • to introduce vanity weapons, lacking space in the window, the developer moved the checkers to enable/disable power helm and back from vanity tab to power tab.
  • Putting the checkers in head/back power slots the proper visualitzation of hair cuts beneath helm items (that maybe used a dummy mesh with a zero alpha instead the helm mesh when this one was hidden) was broken.
  • with the last patch the developer restored/adapted the original mechanism for the new checker position, but some quests (tiger cub quest in Chosain , “dance of sacrifice” in Paikang) verify the presence of items in power slots. So being changed the code, even them need to be fixed.

The “dance of sacrifice” quest (Yun Faction, Paikang) should be checked. It’s possible even this quest was bugged cause the same reason.