Question about Advantages (RANGER)

Hi folks, I wanna ask you something. What do you find better for PvE, Shattering Attack (raw damage hit) or Sharpened Weapons ( + 5250 armor pen)?

Personally I think first option is better, because this advantage can crit up to 11k (when used with penetrating shot) and sharpened weapons last only 10 sec, so I can do 4 white hits and 2 combinations when it lasts. I’m not sure if it is worth it to sacrifice that raw damage for armor pen. I’m struggling to do proper testing, beacause shattering attack don’t apply to fists hits.

Share your thoughts and experience please, I’ll be most grateful!

Given that the duration of Sharpened Weapons is quiet low I mostly used Shattering Attack since that can crit too if I remember correctly. As you said, add a critting pen shot to it and you get a 11k damage burst.

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I always use Shattering and Fire. The issue with Sharpened Weapons (on top of the duration, which is quite low) is also that there are not many bosses with so much armor to take full advantage of it.

Let’s say that you have full T6 set, 2 stacks of Ashur buff, and the T6 rune. It gives you 1900 armor penetration (1250 + 150 + 500). Then let’s assume that the boss is fully debuffed (-4500 armor).

It means that the boss needs to have at least 11650 armor to take full advantage of the Sharpened Weapons buff. And as far as I know, there are not many bosses (if any at all) with so much armor.

Take a pass on Sharpened, Armor pen is lackluster. Shattering/Fire are the best two, but Focused Fire is actually a reasonable alternative (especially if you’re dealing with super high magic invulns).

Do you ding Focused Fire weak? I was using only that and Shattering attack and I found that better. Do you think I should use fire attack and shattering only? I think Focused fire with t5 rune is best ranger advantage. I’m talking about PVE only.

Well, I think that even with the T5 rune, the duration of the buff is still too short. :roll_eyes:
However, the T5 Ranger rune is one of the weakest, so I normally use the Exile one. :wink:

Fire Attack actually does more damage than Shattering Attack.

Any combination of the three gives pretty similar results, though.

Ye shattering attack is pretty strong.

Haven’t tested it since I do not play ranger, but I think with T5 rune you can squeeze in two Pen Shots on one Focused Fire, and wouldn’t that make it a bit more interesting? Exile rune isn’t a bad option but considering dots doesn’t crit does it really make a huge difference compared to the (yes small) additional finesse hit on pen shot - T5 rune? Specially in T5/T6 where finesse hits are doubled. Again I cannot speak out of own experience really since I do not have ranger T5 rune.

Can’t speak to t5 (I’m pretty sure the finesse sucks though) but pen shot critting over 70% of the time is why you’d opt for exile rune.

Finesse for ranger is very poor, it has very low proc. For 10 penetrating shot usually only 1 does finesse hit, so that’s why rune of Exile seems better for ranger. I’ve done some testing and I’m still not sure which advantage is better. Shattering is definitely the best, and according to what’s Evito shared with us Fire attack can do pretty similar amount of damage, but when you use focused fire all dots (rending strikes, puncute and deadly draw), white hits and two penetrating shots have their damage increased by 55 % of weapon damage, so that’s why I’m struggling with that.

Off top. Anyways, do you guys think that it is lame for ranger weapons have similar damage from t4 to t6? There is like 3 weapon damage difference, I think they should buff t5 bow to 160 dps, and t6 bow to 175 or something like that, because it’s really hard to feel progress in terms of bows (ofc all with additional - pvp combat rating to not allow them be used on minis etc.)

Fire Attack deals a base 17% higher damage than Shattering Attack, and both can crit. Since one is magic and the other is physical these numbers drastically change based on what debuffs are applied and what invulns the enemy has. One isn’t a straight up win over the other.

You could boost the ranger weapons for no other reason than the fact that rangers don’t do enough DPS in PvE so long as any buffed weapons received -1000 PvP hit rating (combat rating is meaningless, especially for rangers and doesn’t penalize anything)

Nice, I didn’t know that! So you advice me to avoid using Focused Fire at all or just use Shattering/ Fire depending on boss encounter as a second advantage?

I meant the same, without - pvp stats buffing weapons would cause disaster on pvp ground.

I’d use Focused Fire/Shattering Attack as default. And just switch Shattering to Fire when it’s beneficial to do so (ie; if there’s a ToS debuffing, or the enemy has low magic invulns, or both).

Shattering is the safer option because there’s a lot more physical debuffing than elemental (and you can do physical debuffs yourself)