Question about Arias, in Mage Awakening I

I did not attempt to do the Talk to Arias portion of the Mage Awakening I until my toon was around level 10, when I showed up the mobs guarding him were like level 15.

Is this normal, do they scale above your level, or what?

Sometimes they do, but you dont have to fight 'em usualy, you have to find some other way to finish the quest like hiding or something else. I dont remember what exactly you have to do on this quest, but sure there is a way to talk to Arias w/o getting killed.

Thanks, I suddenly realized I was trying to do this in daytime. If you go there in daytime Arias is not there and the mobs are level 15 or so. If you go there in nightime, he is there and there are only 4 level 5 mobs guarding him. I just did not realize those Destiny quests are supposed to be done at night, Doh.

Only in Tortage are they split up like that; daytime quests and night time destiny quests.

A few of the night time one’s are an excellent source of XP since what ever level you go in them as, the MOB’s are all scaled to your level.

  • The trips to White Sands Island and when you visit the Volcano since you have an entire map just filled with mob’s your level you slay. If you go around and kill everything on the maps each will get you 1 to 1 & 1/2 levels of XP. Don’t just do the quest requirement’s, kill everything!

Since you’re a Mage you’ll get to do the same to the sorceress Mithrelle’s House too, not as many mob’s there, but enough that it’s worth farming them each and every time you have to visit her.

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