Question about challanges

Hello, i see the daily challanges, i would like to know in order to get the “paragon cache” if you have to do all the tasks everyday or just some like the UC mode only. Thanks.


Hover with the mouse over the cache and you will see how many days you have left.
For the paragon cache you need to fulfill 60 challenges in (ups) 28 days. That is 2,1 a day, so you can do 2-3 a day or 5 on less days.

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I think Paragon is like 28-30 days.

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The Paragon cache does have a 28 day cycle … but it’s on a fixed calendar and does not start when you complete your first challenge but instead every four weeks at a set time.
Similarly the daily Contender box challenge resets at the same time each day.
The weekly Exemplar cache resets each week about the same time as the new raid finder comes out.
Doing what Kantakwa suggested and hovering your mouse over the picture of the box you are interested in will show you how many days left in the current cycle you have to get 60.
The reset is on the same day as the new raid finders comes out … I’d give a time but it’d be in my local time zone…so instead just work it out by the time left ingame.


You only get credit for three a day. Can do 15 per week. To get paragon you need to do the 36 challenges per month.

Now I am confused.Three a day, but 15 per week, 36 (not 60?) for paragon?

Actually you can do all five a day … achieving one of them within the 24 hour window simply means you can’t get credit for that one again until daily reset… so getting more than the basic three means they will count towards the weekly until you get 15 done and receive the reward and towards the monthly 60 until you get that reward.
The daily challenge is given after getting 3 with the 24 hour window which is reset each day at the same time.
So if you grind hard and do five every day then you can get to 60 within 12 days.
I used to get the easy 3 (quests, kills and fatalities) every day of the week until I got the 60 … so 21 challenges towards the monthly 60 after the first week…
I hope that this makes sense.

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If you do 3x challenges a day (all the easy non-group ones), you will have paragon box before end of the month. Just kill 20 mobs of any level and do 3x quests (again any level ones) and 5x fatalities (if its hard - pick lower level mobs or stuff that is “prey” and has no armor). Doing a RF or UC/Purist dungeon helps in few of those other challenges same time (group/raid fatalities and kills count as yours too)