Question about Devil's Bonemeal

To make devil’s Bonemeal it says you need Ancient Rhino Horn and Eyes of Innocence, are these items in the game and if so how do you get them?

Well if you search the Conan Wiki it shows Devil’s Bonemeal so i assume it’s part of the standard game, but yes im on a modded server.

i really don’t think it’s part of a mod and i don’t wanna waste my time if those 2 items currently don’t even exist in the game or you can’t collect them.

The Mods are as following
RP Aesthetics
Glass Constructions and more
GCam down to 60

i seriously doubt any of those would add such a item.

Inless recipe changed recently, It was one of those mystery recipes not found in game, but if you stick random (not random) stuff in, cooked and went WOW! I made something!

Kinda like bread in furnace. A mod may have took some of rp items and gave them a use?
I play in ps4, havnt seen those drop. Eyes have been in game for sometime, not sure about a. horn.

When you say Eyes have been in game for sometime do you mean you can actually get them?

It actually looks like a new recipe. Unless Heart of a Hero was an old mod that FC picked up.'s_Bonemeal
Eyes of Innocence talks of Occult rituals, and makes me think this may be a future Necromancy thing.

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