Question about Every body Can Loot Corpse setting

Hi, I can’t get EverybodyCanLootCorpse=False to work on my server. I even tried adding it to my serversettings.ini file and after a re-boot that line disappears. Is there any way to have a person’s stuff stay on their dead body without anybody other than the person that died taking their stuff?

Have you tried setting it via the Admin Panel?

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First, I want to Thank You for the fast respond.
I already have that checked drop equipment on death. I know if you uncheck that box when a person dies, he spawns back with his stuff on his body which isn’t what I want to happen. What I want to happen is when a person dies, they have to run back to their body to get there stuff back without anybody else taking their stuff.

The second checkbox in the screenshot should be unchecked. This enforces that only the player can loot their corpse.


I know I have them checked but it still does’nt work .

I want to make certain I understand. With the displayed settings, anyone can still loot a corpse?

What is the container ownership setting? Mine are set as indicated below:

Ok I think I see what the problem might be… Could it be that I have the PVP allowed at certain times checked? But it still can be looted before those times 16:00 to 23:00 anyway. I will disable those checks in the PVP section and see if that fixes it.

I will let you know if that fixes the problem.

Sorry to inform you that didn’t work either. I changed the PVP stuff and restarted the server and it didn’t solve the problem. People can still loot the dead bodies.

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