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I have a furnace. I give iron ore + 100 wood to it and start it. It burns through the wood but the iron ore does not turn into a iron bar. Do i need more than 3 iron ores for 1 iron bar or why does it not work?

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Try to find coal or dry wood to power the furnace. Also, you might need more than 2 or 3 iron ore in the furnace.

Normal cost to make 1 iron bar is 2 iron ore or did it change when I am not looking or I remember wrong.
Is it on single/online official/online private?

The cost is still 2 ironstone per bar. I am not sure why it wouldn’t smelt.

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No I don’t think it has changed.

I just said that so he would try more than he has in the furnace.

The only difference fuel has is the time of burn. You can smelt iron even with fiber in a furnace.
You just need more than one iron stone to get iron bars. Try to farm some ores before you start smelting.
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Ps. If you need help where to find iron ores, give us some details of the map you play and the location you build and be sure a lot of members here will help you with locations that you can farm thousands of iron stones :wink:


offline pivate

Did you change any setting or use a harder mode?

If the fuel is gone, you have to replace with another grouping of fuel and restart it. 2 ore should make 1 bar for iron if memory serves right.

would you look at that… ITS ALIVE! . Either bug or i have changed something.

Thank you everyone for helping out a noob :slight_smile:

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