Question about improved fish traps

So lets say that you place one of each of the ‘‘buff fishes’’ in your trap, and fill every other slot with non-fish items.

Will this improve your buff fish catch rate since you will only be able to get those?
I wonder how many times i didn’t get another buff because all slots were full with some other thrash fish!

What you guys think?

I have not tested that before but it’s an interesting idea and worth trying out.

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I don’t think it will increase the chance to get those fishes, the trap would most likely just gain “extra slots” if another fish is caught, kind of like when your weapon smith’s bench is completely full, any item you craft will be dropped in a new extra slot (a full row that you can’t “use”) that disappears if you take the item out of it.

For example: the crafting station has 25 slots (5 rows with 5 slots each), all of them are full with stuff. Now you craft a new item that does not stack with any of the stored items, the station will gain a 6th row (30 slots now) with the new item in it but you can’t put more items into that row, if you take the crafted item out the row disappears and it has the normal amount of 25 slots again.


Thats another thing to test, will try that out!

The fish traps are not like over crafting stations. Not even the same as the hives.
The hives will automatically create honey until you fill all the slots but the last slot will only get one in the slot. As the honey decays or is otherwise removed, the hive will create more.
The traps will fill all the slots to the max and then it will just refill as decay takes place. You can in theory place a fish of a type in each slot, but you may have it decay if the trap refuses to create a fish type that is in one of the slots.

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Here’s a weird thing I’ve noticed on the official server where I play. When I empty the improved traps, they start filling up with all sorts of fish, including the buff fish. However, if I leave them full for a long time, the buff fish disappear and the traps end up being full of normal fish. No idea how long I have to wait or why it happens. Or indeed, if it’s a bug or not.


That’s because the decay timer is short on the buff fish the catfish is like 2mins the longest buff fish decay timer is like 5mins unless funcom has changed it recently but otherwise it’s still the same. Just have a freezer in your fishery and when you have like 3 or 4 buff fish take them out put them in the freezer then empty all your traps by dumping all the other fish and keep repeating the process till you have the amount of buff fish that you want

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I think that´s the thing here - as others have stated already, different dacay timers are preventing the OP´s proposed method of optimising.
Although not done in a correct scientifical way, I also tried that and failed.
In my experience, a medium time period (like 2-3 days) will yield the most of the buff-fish-crop.

I thought fish didn’t decay while inside the traps?

They decay in the fish traps

They disappear instead of decay, to prevent traps being clogged with putrid meat

They decay the putrid meat has a decay timer also

If you were correct all the fish would disappear at the same time

Go to single player and test it.

The traps work like hives, after a certain amount of time, a resource is made. When resources is made a decay time starts. When decay reaches zero on a stack of resources, 1 resource is removed and decay starts over. If fish rots in a trap, the game prevents the creation of putrid meat and instead deletes the fish.

The reason traps are capable of filling before all the fish rot is the creation timer is quicker than the decay (at least on regular fish), so it is possible that stacks of fish would still be there after 1 stack reaches zero decay time.

Okay, that makes sense. The decay timer still runs inside fish traps. For a stack of fish to resist the decay, the trap needs to produce fish of the same type at a rate that is faster than the decay rate, on the average.

So, there are four factors in play: 1) the decay time of a particular type of fish, 2) max stack value for a particular type of fish, 3) the production frequency, and 4) the number (and weighting) of options in the trap’s production algorithm.

It used to be fine, because there were only 3 options before and the production timer would produce new fish faster than the decay timer would get rid of them.

Now, the situation is different. The production timer is the same, but there are 8 options instead of 3, and the buff fish have a shorter decay timer and a lower max stacking. So it’s quite possible for a whole stack of buff fish to decay before the production timer fires again and selects that same fish type to produce.

Whether this is a bug or not is something that could be hotly debated, but it doesn’t matter, because even if it was classified as a bug, it would receive low priority because the workaround is “don’t wait so long to harvest your fish”.


Yes codemage is correct he explained it way better than I ever could lol good job

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