Question about Komodo Pets

Soooo I was Training some Pets for Fun got a Greater Croc who has nice stats and is great at murdering Elephants, and since Crocs can apply Bleed and Komodos can apply Poisen I grabbed me some Komodos until I got a greater one out of it, for a Bleed & Poisen combo.

Now my Komodo Pet does not apply Poisen like the Wild ones, and that confused me a bit.

Is that a recent change that came with the big Pet Nerf, was it always been the case or is that a bug?

I’m asking because it is the first time I tamed a Komodo. xD

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Soooo I Push this for one time to see if I get an answere or not. Ö_Ö

Sadly, Komodo pets do not inflict poison. Salamander pets do, but the spawn rate for salamander hatchlings is apparently a little buggy. Finding them is difficult, if not impossible.


Do the Salamander Pets have to Spit or will they inflict poisen on a bite? ö.ö

split attack (btw cool one, we need more pets with ranged attacks only) deals poison…
and yes, sadly for komodo NO MORE poison bites…

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Sand reaper queens are great for poison as well. Used to be my go to for murdering elephants on Siptah before they added vault weapons, ghoul weapons, and the two southern islands.

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