Question about Patron Subscription

Hello, I have been trying ingame to see where to purchase a patron subscription for my account but I havent been able to . All i See is the “Dawn of the morning Light” purchase pack which brings me to my questions:

  1. Is Dawn of the Morning Light the patron subscription I am looking for? and
  2. What exactly does it include? "Exclusive foil agent " and “Mask of wisdom” doesnt say much about what i am about to be purchasing.
    As far as i know, patron subscription gives among others bonus xp and AP which i am more interested in , than cosmetics and non combat pets. Thanks for your answer in Advance

The Dawn of the Morninglight collector’s pack only comes with what it says it comes with. It is not part of the subscription.

So where can i purchase a Patron subscription from?

Click on the bee icon in game, top left of your screen. You should be able to buy patron through that.


Rhyiann1 - don’t feel bad. It took me over a month to realize the ‘Daily Log-In Rewards’ pop-up screen was actually where I went to get my daily log-in rewards, and not just an advertisement for daily log-in rewards (as I had assumed it was).

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