Question about placable and draftable "Note" object

Hello Exiles!

With the most recent patch, the “Note” object now has greater functionality. I am wondering - if I place one of these on my own player asset out in the open, can other players who are not in my clan (opponents) read the note I have drafted?

I know that there are often controls the limit the use of activating or radial menu’ing on an opponent’s objects. I was curious what the case was with these as I am not able to test these on my own (when I view the note, I can read it, but it is my asset).

I have left a note for a new neighbor. I am unsure of his/her intentions, so I am hoping that the new neighbor sees (and more importantly, can READ) this:

Playing on Official, Live, PvP servers. Thank you for any answer or feedback for those who have seen and read opponents’ notes.


I just tested this on your behalf. Another player picked up the goodies.

So yes, other players can read your notes.

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