Question about possible building locations (no ban)

good morning, I have a small gutter, where not to build on top of it or outside of it, the base has only 5000 blocks, can this base be banned? if yes, why? Some people are saying you can’t build on named places, is that true?

There are nobuild zones in the game (official servers) where you will not be able to build. Everywhere else you are allowed to. There is no restriction to the base size as I know. Inactive bases will decay therefore. You must know the bigger the base and the more Placeables you have the greater the chance of lags and low FPS.

If youre building on officials and you have a big base ( you said 5000 pieces) youre constantly in a risk of being banned if someone reports you.

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Even building a small base if you do certain things you can get an admin wipe and/or ban, it all depends on if you are reported or not and if you have followed/broken the rules.

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When in doubt, please reach out to our team over at Zendesk. They can help you with questions about the guidelines or with information about disciplinary actions. The forum is not the correct venue for this topic.

Thanks for understanding.