Question about purge AI

How stupid is it ?
I’m just wondering if it will go straight for a wall and beat it down or look for an open gate to get closer to its target ? If they will go for an entrance, I can build out in the open and surround the fortification with a thick wall and force them to go through strategic defenses, if not, my land options are chopped down a bit if I have to control where the enemy can spawn and/or or get access to my base so they don’t end up spawning in my base.

I remember, but that makes more sense than spawning inside ur base,
makes no sense all the defenses if they teleport in, LoL

From what I’ve gleaned is if they have a path to their target, and can spawn in a place with a path to their target, they will do so, otherwise they spawn inside. Doors are ignored in pathing so they will pick that route. I’m wondering if they will path for stairs and such as well.

Funcom should make it so attackers can climb as well to give them more pathing options as well as making some creatures able to bypass certain barricades like long legged spiders and insects climbing right past fence defences. An army of spiders crawling up over a cliff face and then up your walls seems a might bit more menacing !

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Agree !

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