Question about Shields and armor diminishing returns

I’m wondering does the armor penetration from the shield stack with the weapons during combo?

What is the sweet spot for armor and the amount that diminishing returns start?

Does armor penetration at 40% for example actually ignores 40% of the enemies total armor then reducing their damage reduction during that hit?

How much does 1 stack of sunder add and does that stack on the shield/weapon AP?

Thank you!

Godspeed on your quest sir

AP appears to apply to a shield strike, as if it were any other offhand weapon. There is a bit of inconsistency with the AP on certain shields: at places in the combo, with certain weps you may see different damage numbers with a shield strike.

The greatest armors in the game give you 75% Damage Reduction. These are Heavies. If you drop to the best Medium, you get about 57% Damage Reduction. You must roll. I won’t even mention Lights.

AP of 40 would deduct 40% of your total Damage Reduction. So if you’re running at 57%, with every strike I can strip you back to 34% Damage Reduction.

1 Sunder removes 20% of your Damage Reduction, up to a total of 5, for 100% armor stripping.


So, the best way to negate AP is to not wear any armour ! Removing 40% of 0% will always make it be still 0%. I knew I was right to go around naked. :rofl:

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