Question about storage drive active time for Dedicated Server Launcher users

I have a question for server owners or admins with access to the actual Dedicated Server Hardware for servers that have a larger community where 10 or more players might be on at the same time.

I have an NVMe SSD and when I have 10+ players online at the same time the Active Disk Time shown in the Task Manager Performance Tab and Resource Management Tab shows that I have 100% Active Disk Time almost consistently, might go to 98% but back up to 100%. Is this a normal reading?

I’m trying to figure out where our lag is coming from and my CPU, RAM, and Network usage is all running a low/healthy usage rates, but the Disk drive is always running high. I’m trying to figure out if this is a bottleneck somewhere with the I/O read/write ability of my drive that is causing the “lag” in the server. Is this normal?

When 4 players are on, the SSD Disk still gets up to 100% Active time, but it has a lot more fluctuation and usually is between 70%-100% and sometimes will drop down to 30% but goes back up.

With 4 players online in the Resource Management tool, it shows the DedicatedServerLauncher-Win64-Test.exe program shows a Total Disk usage (read/write combined) of 1,258,549 B/sec.

Does someone mind giving me some data to reference from your own servers to know if this is normal, or is this an issue somewhere? I don’t see much information about this, and i’ve tried to google Disk usage and I already tried all of the recommendations to lower disk usage and they seemed to have no effect.

When the server launcher is turned off my Disk Active Time is very low and is like 1-3% so it’s only when the server is running.

I have not looked into the disc usage but will to provide a datapoint. I also use an nvme (4th gen) with great hardware but I dont get any server lag.

Thanks so much! I’d really appreciate that!

My disc usage sits down at 1% with 2 ms response time running only Win10 Pro and the dedi. Nothing else is on the drive. 4 people active on the server running a crap ton of mods. 16GB in use in RAM but thats to be expected.

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